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Found 6 results

  1. Username: Unknown_Gamer320 Server: Survival Banned by: breakfast_boy Date of Ban: 2015-12-01 Reason of Ban: griefing lb proof Hello my brother was banned years ago and he doesn't even play minecraft anymore so I use his account and I just wanted to play with my cousin so we decided that we wanted to play on Diamond Shaft but turns out my brother was banned a long time ago so I would really just like to me unbanned please and thank you.
  2. Player markardmax Type (?) local Reputation 10 / 10 Issued By bolp Server play.diamondshaft.com Date Issued 2016-09-05 11:17:58 hello I've been playing on this server for not much time I'm in this server by a friend. today I try to connect and it turns out I have been banned for stealing, I dot consider it is entirely true, because i take diamonds from a chest, but that chest dint have a sing that wont let me take it in fact there was a sing but that sing was telling me that i take things from inside. but any way i will like to say im sorry and i want to keep playing on this server, i wont do it again i promice so please unban me pd: sorry if my English is bad but its not my mother language.
  3. Player Name: ShAd0WGaMeZ Server:Survival Banned by : camocowboy13 Date of ban : 11/8/2016 Reason : not replanting I am company to the former potato Farmer ECHOX19, we stole some food because we need to eat. I am sorry that I need to fulfilled my civic duty of feeding myself I was a noob I didn't know better, I couldn't gather any food because it was night and raining so me and my friend traveled through the cold pouring rain until we met up a farm. We both broke in stole wheat to make bread. I truly apologized for my actions, I just did what I need to survive just look it in your hearts to forgive me. i leave you with the sound of my people:- Dragometry by Dragometry We are the girls of Dragometry All shapes and sizes are what we bring Rectangle girls of the world Around every girl, in a circle I run You can be square, hon, but don’t be a nun We just wanna celebrate (rectangle girls of the world) No matter the size, no matter the shape You might be shaped like a bumblebee But you’re beautiful, girl, just love your body Rectangle girls of the world You wanna be seen like a girl on TV I’m not a Stepford Wife, I’m your fantasy Rectangle girls of the world Well-rounded girls, yeah, we will give you life I’m straight to the point, and I’m sharp as a knife Get out of the box, don’t be so uptight Rectangle girls of the world
  4. Player Name : ECHOX19 Server : Survival Banned by : camoboy13 Date of ban : 11/8/2016 Reason : not replanting [ I didn't replant on two occasions ] I was a lowly peasant child, trapped in this new and frightening world. Lost and confused, i met a friend and we had great adventures together. there came one summers night, this friend and i grew hungry and with no money for food we resulted to thievery. We knew it was wrong but there was no other choice, it was steal from the good Mr's farm or starve to death. This friend and I we broke into the Mr's home stole his wheat and beaked it into bread. In doing so we survived that night, sheltered from the rain and food in our stomachs. Fast forward to my teen years, Mr Fluffles grew sick, he was my dog and the most amazing friend anyone could have asked for. Papa told me to just let him die because we didn't have much money and he would waste it on some dumb mutt. I was heart broken i could just let Mr Fluffles die. we have plans to become best fighters in the land and obtain glory and finally break the chains of poverty. Papa told me to get my head out the clouds and just tend to the fields, he told me i would never be anything more than a potato farmer. Mr Fluffles died that night and i vowed to complete our mission i was gunna do the impossible, i was gunna do it not just for me but for Mr Fluffles as well. our crops were weak and dying so i stole from the neighboring farms and sold the crops and i bought a stone sword and i fought my way to victory. i wanted show my papa i could be something other than a potato farmer. [ but today when i logged on to complete my quest, sadly i was banned ]
  5. Look. I'm so sorry for griefing. I didn't mean to. I honestly didn't know that I was but when I logged in, It said that I was kicked from the server and that I was still on 1.8.8. but when I logged in today, it appeared that I was banned. So I am sincerely sorry. Please unban me and thank you.
  6. Hello I was band from Diamond Shaft For No reason And I don't know why this was my all time fav server and it was 1 of the only servers I played on.
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