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Found 18 results

  1. My friends started playing on the server yesterday, and today I tried to join them but I got automatically kicked for being banned. Apparently I have been banned since 2017 and it doesn't actually state the reason, it only says "Reason: not replanting appeal @www.diamondshaft.com. I was banned by "kat_1910". I promise to not do whatever it is I did back then, I just want to play with my friends and enjoy the server. I am familiar with the rules now, I promise to behave by them. I am sorry for whatever I did, I won't break the rules again. Username: Moonw1ng Server: Survival Banned By: kat_1910 Date of Ban: 15th of December 2017 Reason: "Not replanting appeal", It doesn't state the actual/original reason.
  2. Username: Maximmilliam Server: Survival Banned by: TEAtime2012 Date of Ban: 5/27/2017 Reason: Auto Iron farm / AFK pool Hello, I have been playing on Diamondshaft for more than 3 months. I found it after searching on Google for some survival servers. I know that automatic farms are not allowed, but when I built an iron farm, I tried making it automatic. I noticed that it didn't add any noticeable amount of lag to the server as, after all, that's the reason that they were outlawed. But however, when I tried logging on to the server, I noticed that Tea banned me. She said that the reason was an afk pool. I thought that, as long as it doesn't add any lag, it wouldn't be illegal. Tea however showed me that it is a matter of principle (?!) and that whether or not it causes lag, you will get banned. It was even a weak farm and doesn't do that much. Moreover, I only used the AFK pool when I was the only one on the server. Nevertheless, I'm destroying the pool and converting the farm into semi - automatic once again (if Tea hadn't already destroyed both of them). I hope you get me back on to the game. It's a cute lil' server. If it had cheeks, I would kiss them. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks, Maximilliam
  3. Lee100P

    Ban Appeal

    Username: Lee100P Server: Survival Banned By: Garbanto Date of Ban: Idk happened while offline Reason: Griefing LB Proof Greetings, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft for at least 1 maybe 2 years, I first discovered Diamond Shaft while in the search of a survival server that did not stay the same, I'm very familiar with the rules, There are 2 maybe 3 things I could have been banned for the first would be one day I wanted to look at DragonFlies bakery she was offline so I broke 2 creative blocks (to which where replaced with real ones of same block) there was also the time I enter some guys base from the nether I needed to repair some things so I used his anvil, it broke, however I replaced it and then gave him a 2nd one. The 3rd thing I don't think would be the thing that got me banned was that recently I made a home that home was close to one of Tea's cities I was at a respectable distance I could see the town but entities and players did not render about 5-6 chuncks at minimum away from the town. I am very sorry for whatever trouble I caused even if it is not one of these don't know what els but I'm sorry and will try not to do it. The Player that really wants to get back on to playing Lee100P.
  4. Username:AmethystPickaxe Server: Servival Banned by: Edward_Herondale Date of Ban: 25 January 2017 Reason: Griefing LB proof I don't remember griefing anyone's farm. If I really did (as in you have a screenshot for proof) then I fully take the blame and am COMPLETELY sorry, and promise to never do it again. :-)
  5. Username: StarrStormer Server: Survival Banned By: Neilplayz Date of Ban: 22 January 2017 Reason: Stealing LB proof Hello, I'm am StarrStormer. I was recently playing Diamond Shaft and I teleported to the West because I heard that neilplayz had a shop there that sold glowstone dust. So I went there and bought some. While I was there, I saw a chest that was labled "Free Stuff" above it. The stuff inside mainly consisted of music discs. You know, just stuff you couldn't sell to the server. So I took it and left in peace. Next thing I know, I'm banned for stealing. So not only am I here to appeal the ban, but I'm also wondering... How is it stealing if not only the chest was unlocked, but it said free stuff above it as well, meaning that it was up for grabs? Please reply soon! -Yours Truly, StarrStormer
  6. Username: Coco090704 Date: July 25, 2016 Banned By: CamoCowboy13 Reason: repititive pvp flying, not listening to staff sorry i did not realize this was so bad. i hope to be unbanned real soon becase its such a good server. thank you, coco.
  7. Username: MCMasterRyan Server: Survival Date: July 24, 2016 Reason: Giving out rank items Banned by: Neilplays and cupcakegirl1218. Hey, i payed $20 for diamond rank a couple of days ago. i really love this server and was upset when i was banned. i quickly skimmed through the rules and didnt see the rank items rule on there. i am very sorry and i will be better when (or if) i get unbanned. thank you! this is my first ban
  8. I got banned yesterday evening. I paid $20 for Diamond rank and i hope to not get banned permenatley! I skimmed through the rules, and i apparently didn't see the rule about giving out kit items. I know not to now, and i will never do it again. I will also make sure to read the rules extra-carefully again. Hopefully i get unbanned! The person who banned me was: NeilPlayz and CupcakeGirl1218 on the same day, same reason.
  9. Waylee

    Ban appeal

    Username: OfwayleeServer: survivalBanned By: cupcakegirl1218Date of Ban: 6/16/2016Reason: Griefing LB Proof Ive only been on this server for about a week now, however I will admit that I was aware of the rules. What I didn't keep in mind was the repercussions of my acts. I havent seen the proof of this grief, but I dont deny it one bit. Ive stolen from a chest here or there or broken into a home but I assumed all of the homes I stumbled upon were abandoned as not many people are online when im on. But thats another issue, Im hardly online to begin with. I work full-time in real life, Im only on here for about an hour or two a day. I ask that you plead to this ban appeal because Ive grown very fond of the server. Ive made goals to maintain an orderly town and bring more friends to the server. If I am unbanned, I certainly wouldnt let myself fall back in this forum again, thank you.
  10. Username: zombieguy222Server: SurvivalBanned By: papa smurfDate of Ban: 25 May 2015Reason: Griefing LB Proof i was banned back on the 1.8 server and i was new to the server and i made the stupid mistake of greifing diamond blocks because i was too lazy to mine them myself. i apolagise for what i did and i hope i will be able to play on the 1.9 server. Thanks
  11. Username: DeathBringer17 Server: Survival Reason: Griefing Lb proof Hello I am DeathBringer17 and I was banned for griefing. I don't remember griefing on this server because I don't even go on it that much. I found this server from another player DatGoodBear. This is my first ban so it would really help if you could tell me what I griefed and if I could get unbanned. I was banned by papa_smurf619.
  12. A user (trapkingeddy) banned me for supposedly greifing, even though I swear I never did anything! The ban was 'local', if that means anything. This has never happened to me before, so I don't know what to do.
  13. Hi, yesterday i was banned for not replanting... I was walking around in the wild with my friends and found a abounded house with a farm so we harvested it and didnt replant it, im so sorry i didnt replant and its never goin' to happen again... Hope you unban me soon so i can play with my friends who got unbanned yesterday... I was banned by Bolp
  14. Ban Appeal I'm sorry about what happened, I don't know exactly what my friends did. I had some friends over and bluestar1212 and I were trying to find a nice minecraft server (while my other friends played super smash bros. on my Wii U, me and bluestar1212 wanted to play minecraft). When we found your server, some of my friends wanted to go outside and play basketball. At first my parents said it was too cold but eventually my friends talked them into letting us. Some of my friends wanted to stay inside, and I asked if they could look at the new server I found, and if it's good find a nice spot and build a house. My friends said okay and me, bluestar1212, and 2 of my other friends went out to play basketball. When we came back in the 2 that stayed were laughing, I noticed we were on the title screen and asked what happened and they said "nothing can we all play super smash bros. together now?" and i said "sure, why not?" when i tried to get on today it said "Conection Lost Kicked whilst connecting to Survival: Reason: griefing lb proof, please create a ban appeal @ www.diamondshaft.com/appeal Ban from: papa_smurf619 Ban Type: local http://mcbans.com/ban/5508924" Once again I'm sorry about anything our friends did, also if we still have our inventories Bluestar1212 and I are willing to give back what ever our friends took, they won't be allowed on our accounts again, IDK about bluestar1212 but I'll try to fix anything our friends broke if you all will unban us (GreenSir, and Bluestar1212). I am truly sorry about what my friends have done, but I understand if you don't unban us. Have a nice day
  15. username: _arcawhale_ server: Survival reason: griefing lb proof i am sorry i griefed i was taking mrredstonerjr's potatos and i forgot to replant i am sorry i will never to it again i promise plz unban me ps: Hayley banned me
  16. Username: Captain_CookeezServer: SurvivalReason: Griefing LB ProofHi, I have just started playing Diamond Shaft for a couple hours. I first found out about diamond shaft while searching for fun multiplayer survival on minecraft. I have gone over the rules of the game. As I was playing and exploring around the maps I ran into a little living area where other people had built houses. there was a carrot farm and I decided to take some because my hunger bar was getting low, and didn't realize that I was supposed to replant other people's farms. As I was about to leave, I started to get attacked. The player that attacked me demanded me to replant the farm, so I replanted a few until some of his friends started attacking me as well. I tried to escape, but someone tped to me and I started to lag. He wrote in the chat and told other players to say goodbye to me for griefing. He killed me and I was disconnected from the server. After this incident I have realized that what I did was wrong. I shouldn't have taken the carrots knowing that it was someone else's farm. I also had destroyed some blocks as well, but the main reason for why i think I was banned was because I was taking from someone else's property. I know that what I did was very wrong towards the others playing on the server and would like a second chance to play on the server. I am very sorryThanks for hearing what I have to say! =) - Captain_Cookeez
  17. Hello Diamond Shaft, I was banned from griefing lately. Well... I had to because "Araksys" was threatened to make me do it. He said "If you don't do it...your house will be blowed up." I was very scared...so i done it... That will not happen again. I promise. I didn't know what i was doing. Please forgive me Love from MaciejM (MC nick : MaciejM)
  18. Username: Roadkill05 Server: Survival Reason: Advertising Hello, I have really enjoyed playing on the Diamond Shaft server the past few weeks. Last night in the chat I answered someone's question with a link to another server. It had completely slipped my mind that my response was considered advertising, thus against the rules. I am very sorry and promise this will not happen again. I sincerely hope that you allow me back onto the server, I have put a lot of work into it and would hate to lose it. Thank you, Roadkill05
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