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Found 2 results

  1. username: SogT BAnned BY: i dont know who banned me Date of ban:around 1-2 of september 2019 Reason: griefing Hello! I got banned recently from Diamondshaft because of griefing. I think this must have been a mistake because i dont recall breaking or stealing from anyone. If i have done this i would like to know who i griffed an what i griefed. And i sincerely apologise to the person i must have grieffed. -SogT
  2. Hey guys Juliter3401 or Juliter4301 been a while since i got on MC since my ban and i have been wanting to get a appeal the servers cool i love it but i was trapped in a home when i came back to the server and i had to get out so i broke the home someone took over fluffykins_sky we were gone and got back on and someone took over the doors and the chests and me and sky were trapped in the house so i had to break out so im sorry i truely want to go back to the server and chill but its not my decision well i just hope this gets apealed and if anything ping me and ill try to respond to the questions about the situation Have a nice summer eh guys? stay chill
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