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Found 19 results

  1. IGN: RealJboylego Age: 18 Discord: james.#5618 Sup, as the title of this topic reads, this is an application for builder, not guardian. I haven't picked up Minecraft until recently. Before I got addicted to playing on the server, I enjoyed 3 years of building in Theme Park Tycoon 2, and my drive to build there has followed me here. I joined the server 2 months ago when my friend invited me, and I simply can't get off (,seriously, it's a problem). The chill, peaceful environment on the server makes it very easy and enjoyable to play and build. I bought iron rank to wear hats without infringing on the feel of a survival game. On to why I want builder, I don't really want it, I'm just doing this 'cos sage said I should and I'm bored due to corona. I would love to help out with any builds for the upcoming reset, I can be very critical and straightforward with my opinions on things. If I'm able to, I want to fix random things I spot around server buildings (like backwards stairs, or flying grass). I also want to be able to quickly replace creative placed things that I accidentally break. As for need of creative and world edit, I don't really care for it, I'm able to manage fine in survival. Why should I be a builder? People say I'm good at building I guess. My building style is very clean and layer based, I believe that going too much into detail creates dissonant chaos. An ideal house to me is one that looks decent and is compatible with redstone. I'm a very avid redstoner, no genius, but I have a few projects and contraptions that I'm proud of. And lastly, if you ever need me for something, I have no life, so call me and I'll most likely be there. More about me. My name is James, my close friends call me "Hummus". I'm a new adult, going out into the world!... of my laptop (stupid corona). I am a senior graduating this year via mailbox. I held a job as an event decorator, but y'know, no one is holding events nowadays. My hobbies include playing Games, going for runs, and flexing my music taste. I build with dirt because dirt is beautiful. That's it, I'm not that interesting. Below are builds from both Minecraft and Roblox. My Dirt Castle Wall 12x12 I did for Effectu Top Left: Labyrinth, Right: Multi-floor Controlled Water Elevator, Bottom Left: Simple Block Swapper, Bottom Middle: Simple Mob Singler My Mall Shop My House At Ivy’s Town Sci-fi Build in TPT2 Entrance Building in TPT2 The building that almost got me banned
  2. IGN: Sernum Age: 18 Discord: Sernum#3014 Hello, my name is Seth, otherwise known as Sernum in-game. I decided that I'd apply for GIT after reading Chad's update post about the upcoming 1.16 update and his request for some more staff members. I thought I'd give it a go because previously on Wisp Valley, Chad's little side server, I became a Helper on after getting to know everybody and hanging around for a bit. Much like that, I've done the same thing on DS. I've been around for a few weeks now and I've gotten to know a decent amount of the player base. I believe I should become a GIT because I'm decently active throughout the whole week and I enjoy spending time with those in the community. Though I'm not very developed in terms of plugins and/or server-side issues, I'm much better at PR; consequently, I think I'd be very helpful to those new players joining the server looking for some guidance. Additionally, I'd be able to solve any in-game issues by diffusing the situation and working it out with the players without causing much of a fuss. Though I enjoy goofing around with others and having a good time, if I am to become part of the staff team I'd definitely change my behavior on the server and act more professional when dealing with issues that need to be solved. That's not to say I'm not here to have a good time. Whenever I'm on the server I'll definitely still goof around with other people and make sure we're all enjoying our experience. There's not much more I can think to add for this application, but if there is anything else you are looking for me to provide I'd be more than happy to add it in promptly. Please let me know if I can do anything else! Thanks.
  3. Hello, my minecraft username is _LORDOFDIAMONDS_ , I am currently a diamond, and this is why I want to become a guardian. I am 14 years old, and my favourite game has always been minecraft. I have played it ever since 2012 (Xbox 360), but I got java in 2015. On my first day of playing, I joined diamondshaft, which was also the first server I joined. I was in love with the server from the beginning and a month later, I got diamond. I have been playing on the server ever since, so I have lots of experience with diamondshaft. The first reason I want to become a guardian is to help out with the server. I try to help as much as I can to contribute towards the server, but as a diamond, I can't do that much. If I do become a guardian, I will be able to make the server even better than it is. Second reason is that I am very passionate towards the server. I have been on for a long time now, so I have grown with the server. I have seen it's ups and downs, and have loved to play on it ever since. Now, I want to provide the experience I had on the server to new players to see how special this server is. Third is that I have many traits to offer towards the server. I believe that I can be helpful towards members, I have experience in leadership (had an executive role in my schools student council), and that I can take risks to make the server a better place. So in conclusion with everything I have, I believe I can be a good guardian. I hope you enjoyed my application, and consider me becoming a guardian.
  4. IGN: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 18 Discord: DoctorWhoniverse#0079 Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse. Most people call me Doc or Matt. I'd like to apply to be staff on Diamondshaft because I think I could help the community. I used to own my own server, however it got shut down because of lack of money. I currently also own a Discord server, which is fairly popular. I am not currently active on Minecraft in general, however I can be more active. Thank you for reading, and please consider.
  5. Hello, my name is SirKerlTNT, I am 13 y/o, and applying for GIT. I have been playing on this server for a little over a month, and have been mostly active. I love this server, and its player base (Warning: If I am hired to be staff, I will care more about the server than the leadership, so I will fight the owners if it could better the server). I would love to join the staff team because I love to help out. I almost never have any problems with anyone. I have previous experiences with being staff on Minecraft, on the server Conquestia (IP: Conquestia.xyz. I still have the Helper role on there since I last checked if proof is needed. There is also the owner you could check with if you log on there, or the co-owner.) I try my best to be mature, and treat players fairly.
  6. IGN: Acefeeg Age: 17 Discord: Jason P#8168 I have been active on the Diamond Shaft server for a little over a week now and I am interested in applying for GIT. In this short period of time I have grown to appreciate the community greatly and want to contribute to the server in a way that would be beneficial to the experience of others and the server's success and continued operation. I do not know how to use the many tools available to a person in this position but would be willing to learn at any moment in order to improve the community. I am from a small town in Connecticut and will soon be graduating high school and plan to peruse a career in engineering or statistics. As a person who is generally well tempered I believe I will be able to add to this community and try to play whenever possible. Thanks, Acefeeg
  7. I've already applied, but that was quite a while ago. I stopped playing on the server for a few months because of life priorities, so I thought I'd repost it with some modifications. Even though I can't play as much as I used to I'd still like to help out the server while I'm on. IGN: OddDoktor Age: 21 Discord: Doktor#9877 (applying for GIT) ------------------------------------------------------------ About me: (original application) I have not been on the server for too long, however I've already met everyone (who is on regularly). I've grown to love the server and it's community. I am a freshman in college, and having so much free time got me back into Minecraft. While searching for servers, I couldn't seem to find one that fits. I personally like smaller servers with an emphasis on community, hence why I came to enjoy DiamondCraft, but it's hard to find small servers that have dedicated staff and reliable servers! I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. I've been a huge gamer my entire life but I enjoy fighting and football as well. I grew up boxing, and eventually went to MMA around age 16. I have won two state titles in boxing, and I also won state with my football team in 2015. My main positions in football were fullback and linebacker, but I played almost every position throughout my high school career (we had a small team). I had scholarships for football, but it was time to end my career due to injuries... However, I still decided to go to college after a 2 year break from school. My goal after college is to become a Pararescueman in the USAF, or a scout sniper in the marines, I haven't decided. My other hobbies are motorcycles, hunting, fishing, trucks, shooting, and enjoying nature as a whole. I'm in to pretty much anything that has an engine. I'm your basic redneck XD. I own a DR650SM and a Raven Edition R1, both of which will be sold soon, as well as a 2002 Duramax that pushes around 650hp. Why you should consider me: (slightly edited) While I can't play as much as I used to, I can still be a big help to the server. I'm a bit of an introvert, and I rather stay home playing games, reading, and watching TV instead of going out partying (for the most part XD). I have been on the server so much I thought I should apply simply because of my playtime. Besides the fact that I play often, I also have a lot of experience as a staff member on servers. I have been a part of MANY servers since I started playing, the biggest of which was SUPER-EARTH. It is a server that closed in 2014 (If I remember correctly) that had hundreds of members on all hours of the day. I had the privilege of working my way up to moderator in my time there. I have been anything from a simple "helper" to head administrator on many different servers, most of which have closed. Because of my experience, I could bring a lot to the server (although I'll have to re-learn a lot of the commands XD). I'm good with people, and I'm also honest, which of course is the most important thing when it comes to selecting staff. With that all said, I'm mature, at 21 years old. This game is a stress reliever for me, and you won't have an immature bickering or abuse of power coming from me. There's not too much to say; I will be available most of the time, and I know how to handle myself as a member of staff. I simply want to help the server grow, and do my part in keeping the community thriving. It's hard to show my character in a forum post, but let me know if I left anything out that you would like to know. Thank you, Doktor
  8. IGN: TheDemiGod Age: Almost 18 Discord: TheDemiGod#6226 Role Applying for: Guardian Many of you might not know me and i know that on the application rules thing that you should probably wait to apply till after people know you a little more. It gets to be hard at times when you just want to be working hard and trying to get your resources to build you home.I do tho know a few people a couple of my friends are on the server with me and help me have a great time those include RusshhX, SoftishDetroit, and Imboss50 I want to be an Guardian on the server because it'll help me learn about the community better and 2 its been a long time since i've admined on any server and honestly i miss it. in 2013 i admined on 8 different gmod servers and fell in love with it, welll....... i fell in love with the people that just wanted my help (I didn't enjoy dealing with difficult hackers or people purposely breaking server rules) So i decided to make an app for this server so i can get back into it with a smaller server that doesn't seem like it'll have too many issues with people like that. Now less about why i want to be an admin. My name is wellllll if you get to know me ill tell ya but till then that'll be a mystery. i was born in Texas and moved around A LOT so one key thing about me is i'm flexible. i play guitar and love to paintball. I've got a job that takes up a lot of my time but, i still try to get on and play on the server a little bit every single day. I want to go to K State University to get my degree in veterinary medicine and help animals so they can help their owners. Thank you for your consideration :P. (Sorry for the late response)
  9. In Game Name: StarzInDarkness Age: 14 (Soon to be 15) Discord: Starz#8904 Hello everybody! I've considered applying for staff in the past but unfortunately I was too young. So now that I've grown up and matured some more, I've decided to apply for the GIT position on DiamondShaft. Being (possibly) staff would allow me to help others on the server since it's in my nature to help others in need. Instead of always relying on staff for things myself it would be much easier if I could also get the job done myself instead of having to ask an Admin, Moderator or Guardian to take a small amount of time out of their day to help me (if I needed it) fix and/or clear something up with another player. Another reason why being possibly staff would be a new, interesting experience for me and to be able to more or less help out behind the scenes of the server. In e.g helping to plan out the extra things that go on in the server. I have befriended a few of the staff members over time and gotten to know them on a somewhat more personal level and one of said friends was eager for me to make this application so after a few minutes of being convinced it led me to write what you're reading right now. Now for a bit about myself; My name is Angelica and I live in a southern city in Ontario, Canada. I'm a nice and shy person but I'm able to have authority when needed. I'm a pretty creative person in both building and designing, well at least in my opinion, and I have an interest in plants, nature and cooking. Unfortunately I do have some confidence issues when it comes to new things like this but by seeking help when I don't understand something in training I'm sure I can gain some confidence in that task. I don't know much about LogBlock but with the help of youtube and other staff I'm hoping I'll learn enough so I can be useful. If any of you need to tell me anything, you can find me in the DiamondShaft Discord as I usually talk a bit in it. Lastly, I'm also a part of the Build Team so I know how to use the basics and a few more commands of World Edit. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my application. And I hope I can be a part of this amazing staff team! ~StarzInDarkness
  10. IGN: Demo_YT Age: 16 Discord: Demo#6493 Hello I am Demo. Most of you know me for me being me. I would like to have another try at being a GIT and hopefully succeed. For those who don't know me I spend most of my life playing computer games whenever I can. If that doesn't sum up who I am here are some other interesting things to know about me. One thing is that I do sports so if I can't come on right away it's because of sports. Another thing to know is that I am a very weird individual but that makes me who I am as well. Also I do have a future other than video games and that may be in the way of being online or on the server. So basically I am sorry in advance because of school reasons. Anything that conflicts with me being online on the Discord/Forums I will try to report in advance. Now actual facts about me. I like to run. I really like to do photoshop and if you ask me for some specifics I can probably do it. I love listening to music and making art (usually at the same time). Anyways that's all that I can think of for now, have a nice day!
  11. IGN; LightStar_gaming Age: id rather not say but im 10+ 14- TeamSpeak: None Discord: Sayko #1847 Hello my name is Light, or LightStar. I would like to Apply for GIT or Guardian In Training. ive been on the server for 2 resets. I am on at least once a day Weekdays and weekends. I help others with problems i can im even a police in SunShine Hills. I am in the USA Central timezone at the time of posting it is 9:30 PM 9/20/17 . Ive been on the server for a Few years now . I hope that this is excepted and i hope if your reading this i didnt bore you. Bye ;3
  12. Dear Reader/Staff I would like to be a GIT . My in game username is Lightstar_gaming . Im the Mayor of Savana Rige a small town in the Region of WoodLand . I have been on the server sence the latest server reset . Im kinda know across the server im mostly known in Survival + and that is my second most active server . Im 10 years old almost 11 im serious when i should be funny when i properly should . I whould love to fix things and stop them from happening . I would gladly take a intervew so even if your not staff if you have any questions il answer with a smile . Thank you for readding . Kindly, LightStar
  13. IGN: Kfcdaalt I`m going to change my name to Killerknight56 on May 3rd 2017 Age: 11 My name is Tristan and i really enjoy playing on this server. I think that the staff would like me, I have Discord and Skype. I'll give you the name later. I have had some experience with being staff on my friends server. Thank you for your time. Discord: Tris Skype: Thetman20 Application: GIT
  14. IGN: Thisismygoodname Age: 16 about to be 17 Discord: IAmGhost01 Hi there, my name as you may know is Thisismygoodname. I have been on the server for well over a year. I would like to be a GIT because it would one mean that I am able to help the people that need it. It would also mean that if there is a greef and no one of a higher rank is able to I could help with the problem. Most of the server already knows me and trusts me, which is what I believe is one of the best traits there is to a person. Most of, if not all of, the mods/guardians know me and talk to me on a semi regular basis. I try to make sure people are always in a good mood, I will sometimes get in calls on discord just to be able to put a smile on peoples faces. I know some plugins, however if needed I am always able to learn more. Thank you for taking the time to view my application. If anything needs to be adjusted please do not hesitate to let me know. -Signed Thisismygoodname
  15. Tdog

    GIT aplication

    IGN Tdog Age: 16 TeamSpeak: Tdog Hello everyone my name is Tdog1102. I have been on this server for a long time I really love this server. I want to be guardian one, to help people with griefs cause I'm active so incase no one else is on I'm on to help two, I want to help keep the server good and running and I have a lot of friends. I am responsible and mature but sometimes I tend to get out of hand.I Live in connecticut which is in the united states.I love science and math and they are my two strongest subjects. I am Greek. I have TeamSpeak, Skype and discord. I Was very active but then I didn’t play for a while but now im getting back into it. I know quite a bit of plugins like mcbans logblock and the simple ones like that. I am also have access to forums.
  16. Name: (Vampy) vampireprincess, previously known as (Kenzie)craycraykenzie Age: 17 Discord: vampireprincess Hello, I first joined DiamondShaft almost a year ago. My original Minecraft account was craycraykenzie, it got hacked and I lost access to it for two months or so until I purchased a new account. Of course, the first thing I did after I bought my new account was log onto my beloved server DiamondShaft! I was happy to see a lot of the great friends I knew before my account got hacked were still active, and since then have rekindled my friendship with them as well as made several new friends in the process. DiamondShaft is my #1 go-to server because of the close-knit community and amazing staff members and would be extremely honored to become a GIT. I believe it would be beneficial to have me as a GIT because I am and will continue to be very active on the server and would love to help improve DiamondShaft. I hope you can consider me for this opportunity.
  17. Sorry about the previous application it was a copy and I admit it this is the real thing, IGN: Demonic_YT Age: 15 Discord/Teamspeak: Discord is Demo/ Teamspeak is Demonic_YT Hi my name is Demonic_YT or also known as Demo. I have know this server ever since 2013 I think. Anyways I have no idea any exact time I've been playing on the server, but I do feel that I am attached to it in a way. I like to be useful to moderators, guardians, and admins by looking for the unusual and unlawful. I like to build a lot and I feel that in my opinion I am very good at it. I also know quite a few people on the server and I feel like they are friends. I sometimes need help with instruction, but I am currently working on that I mean not everyone is perfect. I like to be on the server whenever I can (even during school hours) and as long as I can. A few things about me is that I have problems remembering sometimes, but that's ok. I always have a positive attitude when I come on the server and I have certain things that will get on my nerve though. But so does everyone and that's what makes me a normal individual. And yet I am still weird because of how I act and how I react to a situation. I always try to help make certain things better as like one time (not naming names) someone lost a dog and I tried my best to get the person bones and maybe even a new dog. But not to be a show off I just like to give an example of how I can help to the server. Finally as a personal feeling it was always a dream to be a guardian or mod or even a admin (of corse not an actual dream but a thing to work towards). Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, Demo
  18. ING:SweetCherryPie Age:14 Discord:SweetCherryColla Hello,my name is SweetCherryColla.In three days i will have been on this server for two months,my friend first introduced me to the DiamondShaft and then i was really excited.I really enjoy playing survival and i have made lots of new friends!I would like to be a GIT: Firstly,because i want to help people in difficult situations such as,being griefed, having issues with connecting,lagging etc.Let me tell you a couple of things about me.I am a fourteen year old girl who lives in Greece but i know English very well.I have a huge obsession with video games and i play Minecraft at least 3 hours a day.When it is time for me to go to college i will study Computer Animation.I also love socialising with people of different ages,different likes but same love in modern technology.I know a lot of stuff and facts about Minecraft,I started playing it about a year and a half ago,before then i used to play Pocket Edition on my iPad.My dad used to work for Mojang but not anymore,he was the one who introduced me to video games!I have Skype and Discord but not TeamSpeak.I love this server and i would like to learn more about it and help improve it!I obviously have access to the Forums.If i left anything please let me know. Love, SweetCherryColla
  19. In Game Name (IGN): 0_Mike_0 Age: 11 Discord: Mike Hello to whoever is reading this. My name is Michael. I have been on this server for over four years. In my time on being a part of this server, I have enjoyed every moment. Though sometimes things could get strange and overly dramatic, it is to this day one of my favorite servers. DiamondShaft has helped me pull through some hard times for me, and now I feel it is my turn to provide any help I can. I often like to help other people, and I find value in their happiness and success. Though my base is hidden, it gets griefed quite often. This leads to my second point; I can also help with griefing. I believe I can help people out with griefing and be online to help when nobody else is if necessary. I believe I am quite well-known to the server and I am friends with some people as well. As I see quite often, some staff are offline when users just so happen to start using caps and spamming in the chat. I tend to be on at these times, though there's not really much I can do. I understand I am only 11, and that's quite young to be applying for staff, but I believe that even if I am just 11, I can benefit the server in any way that I possibly can. I'm normally on Mondays-Thursdays 4 PM to 8:30 PM Central. That's all I have for my application thus far, and thank you for reading it. Have a nice day!
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