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  1. Xav1erD survival idk who idk when stealing lb proof Hello! my brother Xavier, in mc his name is Xav1erD got banned from this server and he doesn't play Minecraft anymore so he let me have his account. He said he got banned for stealing a lot of stuff from people. He said I would like it and he said something about being towns, that sounds pretty cool! thank you for reading this
  2. Username: Jmilli90 Server: Survival Banned By: Claire Date of ban: 5/5/2020 Reason: Afking on mob spawner and ban evading I was banned 3 days ago for afking on a mob spawner, at the time I didn't know it was a rule at the time but when I learned I forgot to relay it to my younger brother. Which played for me while I was gone working out for football. this is my first time getting and hope it is my last. Thank for your time and cooperation
  3. Username: Unknown_Gamer320 Server: Survival Banned by: breakfast_boy Date of Ban: 2015-12-01 Reason of Ban: griefing lb proof Hello my brother was banned years ago and he doesn't even play minecraft anymore so I use his account and I just wanted to play with my cousin so we decided that we wanted to play on Diamond Shaft but turns out my brother was banned a long time ago so I would really just like to me unbanned please and thank you.
  4. Username: SeriousGamer_212 Server: Survival Banned By: ? Date of Ban: August? 2019 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hi, I got banned from DiamondShaft because I burnt down SpawnTown. I am very sorry for the damages I caused and really want to come back onto the server. Thank you in advance, SeriousGamer_212 Note: I recently changed my username from wh2x4 to SeriousGamer_212.
  5. Username: Kenjedibro Server: Survival Banned By: Does not State Date of Ban: 1/20/2020 Reason: TP/TPA Killing First off, I know that's a rule, but you got the story wrong. What happened was, at my base I had an excess of saddles, so I made an announcement over the general chat for anyone to have a free saddle, so he accepted, and came to my base, but then he started looking around the rest without asking. I know that if you are killed by a player, then you don't lose anything so I hit him a couple times, but while he was combat logged, he logged out I DID NOT KILL HIM. and so he dropped h
  6. I've been playing on the server for a while with a couple of my irl friends and we were all enjoying it alot. However, i came across a house which i had assumed was abandoned, i cannot remember what i did exactly so it can't have been much. However, i apologies for griefing and i won't do it again, i didn't mean to damage somebody's home.
  7. My friends started playing on the server yesterday, and today I tried to join them but I got automatically kicked for being banned. Apparently I have been banned since 2017 and it doesn't actually state the reason, it only says "Reason: not replanting appeal @www.diamondshaft.com. I was banned by "kat_1910". I promise to not do whatever it is I did back then, I just want to play with my friends and enjoy the server. I am familiar with the rules now, I promise to behave by them. I am sorry for whatever I did, I won't break the rules again. Username: Moonw1ng Server: Survival Banned By: k
  8. Username: froakielover Server: Survival Banned By: king_anthrax Date of Ban: 2014-08-07 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, any possible admin and/or other human! I've been playing on DiamondShaft for, I wanna say about one year from 2013 to 2014. I stopped playing on DiamondShaft due to my banning for "griefing". I found DiamondShaft when I was scrolling through endless random servers until I stumbled across this magnificent one, for some reason it caught my eye and I played ever since religiously. I knew the rules, they were quiet simple, and they've been abou
  9. Username: froakielover Server: Survival Banned By: king_anthrax Date of Ban: 2014-08-07 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, any possible admin and/or other human! I've been playing on DiamondShaft for, I wanna say about one year from 2013 to 2014. I stopped playing on DiamondShaft due to my banning for "griefing". I found DiamondShaft when I was scrolling through endless random servers until I stumbled across this magnificent one, for some reason it caught my eye and I played ever since religiously. I knew the rules, they were quiet simple, and they've been abou
  10. Username: rhysik Server: Survival Banned By: Doesn't say Date of Ban: 6/10/2017 Reason: racial slurs i hev no ideu y i gat bunned, i madu sumple mastake. I saud niggerz instaed uv niggas, plz unbun me, or ull weport u to notch he well bun u fum minecwaft. I vill sue!!! Igut me homie iPhone666 fur beckap. plz unbun!
  11. Username: Maximmilliam Server: Survival Banned by: TEAtime2012 Date of Ban: 5/27/2017 Reason: Auto Iron farm / AFK pool Hello, I have been playing on Diamondshaft for more than 3 months. I found it after searching on Google for some survival servers. I know that automatic farms are not allowed, but when I built an iron farm, I tried making it automatic. I noticed that it didn't add any noticeable amount of lag to the server as, after all, that's the reason that they were outlawed. But however, when I tried logging on to the server, I noticed that Tea banned me. She sai
  12. Username: KenjisBigBro Server: survival Banned by: CamoCowBoy Date of Ban: Early August 2016 Reason: Arguing with Staff+Evading Ban I am so sorry for what I did. Me arguing over something so stupid, then me being so desperate and petty to try and evade that ban. And four months later everytime I try and log on and I see that I'm still banned I get so sad because I really do miss Diamondshaft and I miss the community on that server because no other server gave me such joy and meaning as Diamondshaft. If I could please at least be considered to unbanned that would
  13. NIGHTWING SKINHey guys, I honestly don't remember stealing, BUT I can believe I did so. I really miss this server and I apologize for causing any inconveniences at all, period. If you let me back on or not I just want you to know I'm sorry, and that I don't care about getting unbanned, I just wanted to let you know I was sorry. And no I'm not going to pull the: BUT I DIDNT DO IT!! or the: YOU GUYS SUUCK!!! no. that's not me. I promise if you let me back on the server it won't happen again. I even made a skin for you guys.
  14. Username: joellegendsServer: SurvivalBanned By: neilplaysDate of Ban: 2 oct 2016Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello my all my name is joellegends, and I been playing on this server for many seasons, I found this server for a video on youtube and I think it's a good server but I have been very inactive on this days and today I found that when I try to log in I get ban by griefing but I do not understand because I dot do that but what I do remember was that a few days ago I repair the endermans farm in the end and I don’t know if that it’s the reason, but as you can see I didt do nothing wro
  15. I'm sorry i was using caps, I was trying to get DragonCoreX25 to answer me, Please forgive me. Thank You. Username: KathPlaysMCServer: SurvivalBanned By: camocowboy13Date of Ban: 25 September 2016Reason: Caps
  16. Username: ofirk1Server: SurvivalBanned By: NeilDate of Ban: 21 August 2016Reason: Griefing LB ProofHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft about one week. I first found it, like many others, while watching a YouTube video of the server when I searched for a good survival server. My friend and I was so amazed that there is no claming and you can actually play survival in it so we spent some hours in it, but we thought that It's so cool that you can actually survival so every rare block we saw, we took. Near the ban, I saw the rules in the chat, so I did plant again every plant by then, and
  17. Ola

    Ban Appeal

    Username: olau2002 Server: Survival Banned By: bolp Date Of Ban: 18 August 2016 Reason: Griefing LB proof Hi, I have been playing Diamond Shaft for a long time but stopped playing it because I got too busy. I recently got on ( About a week ago.) I will admit to not reading the rules. I am a fan of faction servers which is all about griefing. I did not realize that griefing on this server led to ban. I am sorry and I will make sure to read the rules and to not grief again. Please give me a second chance. Sorry for being ignorant, olau2002
  18. Player: mad6_darkness Server: survival Issued By: edward_herondale Date of Ban: 2016-08-16 03:44:43 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Ive been playing on the server for some time (maybe 5-6 months seriously not sure anymore) at this point and this is my first ban. but i love the server to absolute bits, and I'm very sorry that ive caused trouble for anyone. i can promise you i wont grief again, i play on the server with two of my close friends and would very much like to continue being able to play with them on this server. -thank you v
  19. I was banned a while back for direct swearing at King Anthrax, I called him an idiot because he was adding so many slots when the server could barely support 40 people. I am sorry about this, I was just mad because my game was lagging so bad and I was just in a bad mood. Please forgive me. Ps- My in game name is Joker_Roon PPS- I followed the topic
  20. Username: cupcakeninja101Server: SurvivalBanned By: godsofbossDate of Ban: July 30, 2016Reason: afk machineHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for a little over a year. I first found it when my friend, cat789, showed it to me. So my cousin was playing on my account, and he built me an automatic cactus farm. He wanted to go fishing, so he built a movement pool. I told him not to, but he did anyway. So we got back about 15 minutes later, and the ban screen was open. I was so mad. It wasn't even my idea. Would you be able to give me one more chance? I am very sorry for the trouble I c
  21. Username: dyno_dog Server: the towny one i think Banned By: neilplayz Date of ban: 24 July 2016 Reason: greifing lb proof Hi. Im sorry that I greifed whatever i griefed. I think it was a tree but I'm not sure... It looked like it didn't belong to anyone and there weren't any trees in sight so i didn't mean to grief anything. Im sorry, I just joined the server today to play with my friend and i got banned. Sorry again, I didn't know the tree belonged to anyone and if I griefed anything else on accident I am sorry for that too. Please invite be back to the server,
  22. Name: 1sairaaj1 Got banned by idk for griefing even tho I haven't logged on for 2 weeks Tried to log in, says banned for griefing. And I built the house I broke the quartz blocks on....
  23. Username: DragonCoreX25 Server: Survival Banned By: cupcakegirl1218 Date of Ban: June 18, 2016 Reason: Griefing Lb proof Ok, let me make this clear, I am so so sorry for griefing. I didn't mean to, I feel really ashamed of myself. So please Unban me. I've been playing on this server for so long now and I screwed up for the 3rd time. I really am sorry. I may have screwed up from time to time, but I'll try not to grief again. I'm sincerely sorry and thank you. -DragonCoreX25
  24. Username: ThatGuy1oo1 Server: Survival Banned by: bolp Date of ban: 6/2/2016 Reason: Greifing LB proof Hello! I am here to appeal my ban which I just found out today, I have only played for one day, then I left for my dad's for a day, I left my computer logged on, and I suspect my brother of greifing, as I have been banned from most servers because of his antics, I apologize for his actions, and have changed my passcode, and left my computer on an auto shut-down after 5 minutes of inactivity, hopefully to prevent this again, he is only 8, so he doesn't know much, thoug
  25. Username: kezer1205Server: SurvivalBanned By: bolpDate of Ban: i was not online at the time Reason: Griefing LB Proof disclaimer i have dyslexia hi I am a big fan of the server and i was banned for griefing but this was not meant to be mean this was just because me and my friends wer doing it to each other for fun you can ask my friend zephiier if you whant i wont do enyfing like this agen

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