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  1. Xav1erD survival idk who idk when stealing lb proof Hello! my brother Xavier, in mc his name is Xav1erD got banned from this server and he doesn't play Minecraft anymore so he let me have his account. He said he got banned for stealing a lot of stuff from people. He said I would like it and he said something about being towns, that sounds pretty cool! thank you for reading this
  2. Username: Jmilli90 Server: Survival Banned By: Claire Date of ban: 5/5/2020 Reason: Afking on mob spawner and ban evading I was banned 3 days ago for afking on a mob spawner, at the time I didn't know it was a rule at the time but when I learned I forgot to relay it to my younger brother. Which played for me while I was gone working out for football. this is my first time getting and hope it is my last. Thank for your time and cooperation
  3. My friends started playing on the server yesterday, and today I tried to join them but I got automatically kicked for being banned. Apparently I have been banned since 2017 and it doesn't actually state the reason, it only says "Reason: not replanting appeal @www.diamondshaft.com. I was banned by "kat_1910". I promise to not do whatever it is I did back then, I just want to play with my friends and enjoy the server. I am familiar with the rules now, I promise to behave by them. I am sorry for whatever I did, I won't break the rules again. Username: Moonw1ng Server: Survival Banned By: k
  4. username: Birkoli Server: all apparently banned by: king_anthrax date of ban: I have no idea it doesn't tell me reason: it says griefing lb proof I found this server on a youtube video and read the rules. I ran around to get a hang of the server. I did't break anything. My friend berit22 on the other hand did. I was banned for NO reason. show me the proof and I will believe you but i don't think i broke anything so could you please unban me? this was like 2 years ago and i don't remeber it exactly but please.
  5. Username: Aspire321 Server: Diamond Shaft/ Survival Banned:By Lucy/Cupcakegirl1218 Date of Ban: 6/28/2017 Reason: Griefing, No LB Proof Hi, I just started playing Diamond shaft again, me and my cousin started playing on this server to have fun. We teleported to Bugville where we found that it had been destroyed so we thought that no one would mind. It soon escalated to robbing big houses. My cousin is new on this server and didn't know any better i would like to put in a good word for him he will be making an appeal. As for me I have been banned several times so i wou
  6. Username: Maximmilliam Server: Survival Banned by: TEAtime2012 Date of Ban: 5/27/2017 Reason: Auto Iron farm / AFK pool Hello, I have been playing on Diamondshaft for more than 3 months. I found it after searching on Google for some survival servers. I know that automatic farms are not allowed, but when I built an iron farm, I tried making it automatic. I noticed that it didn't add any noticeable amount of lag to the server as, after all, that's the reason that they were outlawed. But however, when I tried logging on to the server, I noticed that Tea banned me. She sai
  7. Can you please unban me i said i will never do it again and i WILL NOT steel/greef ever again i have been banned for like 1/2 months now i have appealed my ban like 3 times now. please unban me Vote Yes! for if you want me to be unbanned No! for if you want me to stay banned
  8. Username: Lee100P Server: Survival Banned By: Garbanto Date of Ban: Idk happened while offline Reason: Griefing LB Proof Greetings, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft for at least 1 maybe 2 years, I first discovered Diamond Shaft while in the search of a survival server that did not stay the same, I'm very familiar with the rules, There are 2 maybe 3 things I could have been banned for the first would be one day I wanted to look at DragonFlies bakery she was offline so I broke 2 creative blocks (to which where replaced with real ones of same block) there was a
  9. Username: classicguy Server: Survival Banned By: NeilPlayz Date of Ban: 2017-02-05 02:05:38 Reason: stealing lb proof appeal at diamondshaft.com/appeal HI! I just wanted to login in the server and I saw that i'm banned I use it to play survival together with my good friend 'tisdaan'. I visited another people's house (when passing by, just out of curiosity. Me and tisdaan founded a massive base from someone. I was amazed and i left a sign saying that i realy like the base, that i didn't stole something and added my name next to it. maybe he tought i stole something? I don'
  10. Username:AmethystPickaxe Server: Servival Banned by: Edward_Herondale Date of Ban: 25 January 2017 Reason: Griefing LB proof I don't remember griefing anyone's farm. If I really did (as in you have a screenshot for proof) then I fully take the blame and am COMPLETELY sorry, and promise to never do it again. :-)
  11. Username: Zippr1Server: SurvivalBanned By: nielplayzDate of Ban: No ideaReason: Griefing LB Proof So i wanted to play some minecraft after a long time ignoring it, but when i tried to connect i was banned. I dont remember griefing anyone after my first ban nor do i remember where it happened. I t may be something i broke before my first ban but i'm not sure
  12. Username: Coco090704 Date: July 25, 2016 Banned By: CamoCowboy13 Reason: repititive pvp flying, not listening to staff sorry i did not realize this was so bad. i hope to be unbanned real soon becase its such a good server. thank you, coco.
  13. Username: MCMasterRyan Server: Survival Date: July 24, 2016 Reason: Giving out rank items Banned by: Neilplays and cupcakegirl1218. Hey, i payed $20 for diamond rank a couple of days ago. i really love this server and was upset when i was banned. i quickly skimmed through the rules and didnt see the rank items rule on there. i am very sorry and i will be better when (or if) i get unbanned. thank you! this is my first ban
  14. I got banned yesterday evening. I paid $20 for Diamond rank and i hope to not get banned permenatley! I skimmed through the rules, and i apparently didn't see the rule about giving out kit items. I know not to now, and i will never do it again. I will also make sure to read the rules extra-carefully again. Hopefully i get unbanned! The person who banned me was: NeilPlayz and CupcakeGirl1218 on the same day, same reason.
  15. Username: Dylan0704 Server: Survival Banned By: cupcakegirl1218 Date of Ban: 13 July 2016 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft. I wanted some items and was afraid other players would grief me. I didn't think lava could burn chests, but right when i went back it seemed you had firespreads off, so that was my mistake. lol. Could you give me one more chance, I am very sorry for the trouble I caused and I will never do it again. Thanks again, Dylan0704!
  16. So i went to the bathroom and i came out seeing my sister was on my computer and she broke 4 blocks and i said well some1 griefed and the a mod came said it was me and banned me CMON -dinoboy7705 i cri Please please please i love this server
  17. Hi Im midnight_lion I thound this server on youtube so I started playing a lot cause i really loved the server then in a couple of days later i was banned it crushed my heart so much and i think i know the rezon why the reazon why was cause i got really upset and he started grifing my home so then i was silly and brock blocks at his house now i feel very sorry Username:Midnight_Lion server:survival Banned by:cupcakegirl1218 Date of ban:30 of july i think Reason: Griefing LB Proof
  18. Username: ccee633 Server: Survival Banned by: dk_knight Date of Ban: Jul. 7th, 2016 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Help! Today I was here on my favourite survival server, exploring with my firend and my trusty horse, trying to go up a mountain, and got banned! Please help I love this server and my friend is probably worried about me! It says I griefed, but how is breaking blocks on a natural mountain griefing?
  19. Username: UnknownGamer320 Server: Survival Banned by: Breakfast_boy Date of Ban: Not Sure Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, i was banned from the Diamondshaft server for apparently griefing. I don't remember it, but i have a feeling it has something to do with a ban that they put on my cousin some months back. This would make sense because i haven't played since then. The ban type was local, so this also makes sense to happen. If i did grief, i'm sorry, but i hope i can get an appeal.
  20. Look. I'm so sorry for griefing. I didn't mean to. I honestly didn't know that I was but when I logged in, It said that I was kicked from the server and that I was still on 1.8.8. but when I logged in today, it appeared that I was banned. So I am sincerely sorry. Please unban me and thank you.
  21. Waylee

    Ban appeal

    Username: OfwayleeServer: survivalBanned By: cupcakegirl1218Date of Ban: 6/16/2016Reason: Griefing LB Proof Ive only been on this server for about a week now, however I will admit that I was aware of the rules. What I didn't keep in mind was the repercussions of my acts. I havent seen the proof of this grief, but I dont deny it one bit. Ive stolen from a chest here or there or broken into a home but I assumed all of the homes I stumbled upon were abandoned as not many people are online when im on. But thats another issue, Im hardly online to begin with. I work full-time in real life, Im
  22. im not unbanned? 4 hours late.
  23. Username: zombieguy222Server: SurvivalBanned By: papa smurfDate of Ban: 25 May 2015Reason: Griefing LB Proof i was banned back on the 1.8 server and i was new to the server and i made the stupid mistake of greifing diamond blocks because i was too lazy to mine them myself. i apolagise for what i did and i hope i will be able to play on the 1.9 server. Thanks
  24. Ign : Da_Hungry_Turtle Banned about 11 days ago by Snor Hey its me again. I apologize for ban evading I was just trying to get some information until I got salty. Okay so as many know I have been banned for disrespect, racism and many other things which of course were all jokes but many do not take them as jokes. I was also temp banned which leads staff to think that I don't learn from my mistakes.. but I do.... I just make a lot of mistakes. I would like to apologize to Druzo and Andrew for annoying them both. I was being such an ass to Druzo because I didn't want to be banned and
  25. I was wondering if this mod is banned. I am pretty sure it won't give me an advantage over anything and anyone. I just what to be 100% sure that I am not going to be banned for it. Thanks http://minecraftsix.com/world-downloader-mod/

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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