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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings! Today I am applying for a staff position. I have been on the server for a several years, and have always tried to come up with different ways to help others. I have always been friendly with everyone, and have built my giant farm to provide for everyone. I have what it takes to become a staff member, as I play on the server on an almost daily basis. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that is what I plan on providing for everyone. Those who grief may have a chance to replace the blocks that they broke, and those who steal may have a chance to return the items that they stole. I plan on making this server a more friendly and heart-warming place to play, so that nobody has a reason to leave our server. I have already come up with a few ideas on how to make our server more interactive. Thank you all for your attention! Yours truly, DSK (DiamondSkullKing)
  2. Hello Diamondshaft, This is ZelphionGaming or most of you know me as LightmagicMC, i have taken a long hiatus from minecraft and more importantly my home known as diamondshaft. I decided after gaining some inspiration and wanting to play and bring back my home to its former glory. I remember how the server usually had a lot of people and people would talk all the time we would do group projects and everything. I want to work on bringing the server back to that former glory, so for my plan is for me being on the event team i will start working on events for the upcoming reset when the new version comes out for everyone to play and enjoy and hopefully release events everyone one to two weeks maybe involving some prizes that may or may not be ranks coming out of my pocket! But something i need the community is to leave comments to let me know what types of events we wanna see and even some suggestions as to what they could be. If you would rather contact me through my discord i will have it down here on this post. But as for the rest i hope you all are enjoying your time and days and hopefully we will come back to our former glory of being populated and having fun like the good old days. Enjoy the rest of your day and please if you have any comments leave them in this post or send them to my discord and i will answer when i can! Discord: ZelphionGaming#6654 Teamspeak: ZelphionGaming Skype: lightmagic.123 IGN: ZelphionGaming
  3. Username: code_name_nard Server: Survival Banned By: ??? Date of Ban: 09 April 2016 Reason: Banned by an Operator Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft survival for about two weeks with my sister. However when I tried to join the server today it said that I was bad by an Operator and nothing else. After looking a bit as to why I might have been bad as I lacked any more information on the matter at hand. I understand the rules really well and well admit that I have taking some thing from others but I always plant it back or even give them something as thank you/sorry gift in some cases. Lastly would you kindly look into this matter for me, I am very sorry for the trouble and I will do what I can to avoid it in the future if at all possible. enclosed is a picture of the information it states hen I try to join. Thanks again, code_name_nard
  4. okey this isn't a suggestion from me but I want suggestions from others to help me with the texture pack I have been working on It but I want some help so I want the Community to help me post me Picture and downloads to help with the texture pack because this is diamondshaft and I want everyone to help and be a part of the texturepack. And don't worry you can make it in microsoft paint or any other paint program I won't mind aslong I get suggestion from you! -Frynox
  5. as you all know I didn't find a way to make own mob textures... Well that have been changed I just found a paint program to make own mobs! so I have a suggestion from you the one that makes the most kind text to me or has the most likes on its post or knows the most of the gets to a request to become a mob in the game and they get to choose it them self (not the enderdragon and wither tho) so you all know, and thanks for those who supported me with this I can't thank you enough and this is a huge Project for the server so I hope you will enjoy the texture pack when it is out! -Frynox
  6. this is a question I want to ask you all. Why do you Think DiamondShaft is so good? I Think its good becasue of the Community and how supportiv it can be. this Community open up with open arms, Love you DS players!
  7. I was thinking on making a DiamondShaft textrure pack and I wonder if that would be a cool feature for the server? that we could have our own texture pack! so what do you Think of the idea of our own texture pack!
  8. This server means alot. not only to me but to alot of poeple its a real supporting Community even a bigger one I have ever seen on any server ever. Like when a new player join what do 50% of everyone say? Welcome and what does everyone say when me or anybody else join? Hi and those smalls things can make many people happy and this Community means so much. I know when I started about 7 - 8 months ago I got people saying welcome and I got invited to a small village and this took around 5 min or something. and the one that invited me and I met first was spacemonsterant, Shadow, Mrredstonerjr and Tavali and they were so open and after 2 months of some more people started open up for me and more people said hello and Everything and at that Point I started feeling like I was a part of the server. I felt like the people who just said hello or just talked to me supported me and this Community I gotta say is special. even since I became Active on the forum people open up for me. I would never have come here or even play here if it wasn't for some people and I'm gonna name them. You better check them out they are Amazing I will be happy saying Hi and see you on the server . here are the one I wanted to name and plz check them out they are awesome people and supported me alot! @bolp @ChristianMineMan @TotieMc @mrredstonerjr @possessedplayzMC @camocowboy13 @Lucy @Hayley @Rocky @garbanto @Annie_Anoles @548Gamer and @MrSnorman
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