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Found 7 results

  1. I want to be unbanned cause i didnt do anything i just walked looking for a spot to build a base and then i got banned mc:TheLionGamer__YT reason:Griefing without a reason i really enjoy playing on this server so pls unban
  2. Username: freakyspiderdudeServer: SurvivalBanned By: lovely2100Date of Ban: 2014-10-14Reason: Griefing LB Proof Greetings, whoever chooses to read this! I cannot recall how long I'd played on the server for, more hours than I could count on both my hands, I'd guess! Anyways, I finally found my beloved server once more, I was ecstatic until I'd found out I was banned. I was banned for "griefing", I frowned upon these words, but clicked on the website provided in the large message. I went on a goose-chase for a while until I finally found the reason I was banned and the evidence of the act. Regrettably, I found no evidence of the operation, I was very distressed at this, so much so that I'm writing this now to complain. I understand that I was outlawed from this sophisticated server, and I apologize whatever it is that I may or may not have done, but I reckon you should look into my case once more due to the lack evidence provided. Thank you for allowing me to take the time out of your day to read this, Hopefully a once more visitor to your tremendous server, Freakyspiderdude
  3. Username: code_name_nard Server: Survival Banned By: christianmineman Date of Ban: 09 April 2016 Reason: griefing I have been benned for griefing into to dayflowsintonight house and I understand that it is worth baning me as stated in the rules of Diamond Shaft. However the reason I want into their house was not to grief or any order mean spirited act, the true reason why I did this was to just look around. Afterwards I planed replace the blocks I broke but felled to do so after deading to a mob two times. if I'm am not unbanned from Diamond Shaft I will respect your chose. just allow me to repay dayflowsintonight or give my belongings to EndlesslyForever (my sister). Thank you and sorry for the trouble. Also will this be a tamp-ban or perma-ban code_name_nard
  4. Name: Zombieman5575 Reason: Griefing LB proof. Server: Survival Multiplayer Hey guys so my name is zombieman5575 (obviously) and I have been banned from Diamond Shaft! AY CORRUMBA!!! Yeah so bassically I think this is the time when I went to this weird building made of atlantis n stuff so I tried to check it out by going through the wall and specifically placing back all the blocks on it then I went inside and I made a hole in the ground leading to a chest and a sign that said a bunch of random stuff then the chest had a little gift inside. So yeah apparently the people who I did that to don't like friendly jokes and I got banned from it. I think it taught me and everyone reading this a lesson about not giving gifts to people because they are probably going to call an admin for it and get you banned. But ya know Christmas and stuff. Well anyway that's all I have to say and if it's not enough well then the ban is stayin. K Kewl mates Cya-Zombieman5575
  5. Ban Appeal I'm sorry about what happened, I don't know exactly what my friends did. I had some friends over and bluestar1212 and I were trying to find a nice minecraft server (while my other friends played super smash bros. on my Wii U, me and bluestar1212 wanted to play minecraft). When we found your server, some of my friends wanted to go outside and play basketball. At first my parents said it was too cold but eventually my friends talked them into letting us. Some of my friends wanted to stay inside, and I asked if they could look at the new server I found, and if it's good find a nice spot and build a house. My friends said okay and me, bluestar1212, and 2 of my other friends went out to play basketball. When we came back in the 2 that stayed were laughing, I noticed we were on the title screen and asked what happened and they said "nothing can we all play super smash bros. together now?" and i said "sure, why not?" when i tried to get on today it said "Conection Lost Kicked whilst connecting to Survival: Reason: griefing lb proof, please create a ban appeal @ www.diamondshaft.com/appeal Ban from: papa_smurf619 Ban Type: local http://mcbans.com/ban/5508924" Once again I'm sorry about anything our friends did, also if we still have our inventories Bluestar1212 and I are willing to give back what ever our friends took, they won't be allowed on our accounts again, IDK about bluestar1212 but I'll try to fix anything our friends broke if you all will unban us (GreenSir, and Bluestar1212). I am truly sorry about what my friends have done, but I understand if you don't unban us. Have a nice day
  6. I didn't know what it meant and I got banned for it. Is it a permanent ban? If not or for how long is it?
  7. Dear Diamond Shaft, About 5 months ago I got banned for doing nothing. I was reporting someone griefing my home on the server when I had told a mod they, instantly banned me ALSO they banned both my friends who at the time were know as Itsdaguy and Gordon9Lee5 were with me when I was banned and are also banned. Please unban us. my friends can't access the fourms so I had to appeal for them I would Really, REALLY like to get unbanned I have many friends who wish they could play on DS with me but I GOT BANNED FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S GRIEFING! The Person who banned me was iicharlie for Griefing, this is for TotieMC? From, Sampyre (IGN) PS: There is no reported proof for my ban
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