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Found 20 results

  1. I was playing for the first time after I got unbanned but I left then it said that I was banned again by the same person and according to my cousin he hasn't been on for years and I have tried restarting my laptop and refreshing hundreds of times but it isn't working and I also took a picture you can see at the bottom right what time it is for proof please somebody help me.
  2. Hii soo i found a horse at spawn.It was white with brown spots ...(like a cow) and it was wearing a saddle and diamond horse armour!Please tell me if that horse is yours.I put it in my stable,so tell me to give it to you (please don't lie about it!) Thank you,Cherry
  3. i was just wondering if i had my old house or the reset had change it i dont care if so i will start again no bid E
  4. Username: Grizzlybear3819 Server: Survival Banned by: Bolp Date of Ban: I dont know maybe 2 months ago Reason: Griefing LB Proof I have been playing with my friends for about 1 month and we were playing around as friends do, and i dont know the exact reason why i got banned but i would like to know and hopefully get unban. I did harvest crops but i did replant them as said in the rules, other than that i dont know why i got banned. Please look at this and consider unbanning me . - Grizzlybear3819
  5. Okay so I befiended a sweet player named RainbowHairGirl and she live at this negihbourhood in the sky. I asked her If I could build a house by hers (a home away from home 2 floor high house) I spent 2 hours total building it. (Chopping Wood, smelting glass etc.) And then it turns out Rainbow did not own the land, it was owned by Mr_Spikes. Spikes logged in and Rainbow and I told him that it was my house and he was okay with it. Then Rainbow logged out and Mr spikes said that I wrecked his island and claimed my house, went inside it, looked at me, lauged in my face and logged out. This is deeply injust because no where did it say that he owned the land and/or did not want anyone else to live there. Please help! (He also said Rain did not have authority to say I could build there.) I wish I had claimed my house before it was too late :'( My username is ccee633
  6. when im going to join the server it says im been kicked from factions and it says: im still on 1.8.8 and im joined and everything is difrent why are we on 1.8.8 what happend with 1.9.4
  7. So.... I was temp-banned and it said it would go away on 2016-6-10 and its today... It's 12:30 (PM) the next day.... I haven't been unbanned yet. i think this might be an error.... If you can check it out that would be great! Thanks, Kittykat777__
  8. When joining for the first time I was banned Please unban me because I would like to support the server and play with friends.
  9. Sorry, couldn't find any posts about it. Is the server down or something? There's people on but i can't log in, it keeps saying i'm disconnected (see screenshot) Anybody know if the server is down, or if it isn't, how to fix this problem? ~Thanks xoxo
  10. Alright so there's no mods or admins online right now which is why i'm posting this here, gonna see if anybody has similar problems. Whenever i enter my house, when i step close to the enchantments chest i just teleport to spawn, with no imput from me. I just aproach it and it says "Teleportation commencing..." when i get near. Does anybody else have a similar problem or does anybody know the cause and or fix? Help greatly appreciated.
  11. OK so i've been on this server for almost 2 years and only on the forums for about 1 year. However I've recently changed my ign from EMClone to EMCcat and I'm not sure how to change my forums username. So if this is possible please say below. Because I have no idea how to do it.
  12. Hey, Ever since the server updated to 1.9, I have not been able to log in. Is it a new server IP? Anyways, I'd like to know what is going on so I can play again. Thanks, -Blocky.
  13. Hi everyone I need help! someone have bought me Gold rank (for some reason) and I can't get out of gmc because it says I have Diamond but the programing says I have gold so I can't get back into survivial can you please help me? and I can only have /kit gtools and garmor now for some reason? I'll be back on when someone have some news about this...
  14. Person who banned me: cupcakegirl1218 Server: Survival Reason: Hacking How long did you join: Just now Did anyone get banned with you?: Yes Maybe my friend Dewge, Not to sure if he was banned. I was banned first Do you know the rules?: Yes I can list them all if you need me to Hello, I'm 2Spooky4u. Today my friend told me to join a cool server he found. So I joined the server. I went to his castle and he told me if I could mine some ores. I agreed and went down. I killed him 2 times but just for fun. I found some redstone. He asked if I had Xray, I said no. I made a huge square not weird lines. A mod teleported to us and the next thing you know I was banned. If my friend Dewge was banned please unban him. I'm sure this was a misunderstanding, And we did find diamonds but we were not hacking. Me and Dewge know eachother in real life. And I knew him for 2 years and I know he wouldn't hack. Also It happened like 10 minutes ago, And I do not have any hacks. Or any cheat mods. I would like to get unbanned from DiamondShaft. Thank you -2Spooky4u
  15. Player: 117John Server:Survival Reason:Not replanting person aiphabacca HiI've been banned for not replanting my own farm. Even though I was banned I'm sorry for my actions and want to get back on the server. Thanks, 117John
  16. UserName: Cy24 Server: survival riefing Lb Proof hello, I am fairly new I have been playing for around about two months. the reason I got banned was Because I was messing around with a few of my friends including cat789 and I destroyed someone's farm and I forgot to replant I am really sorry. I found this server from a gold rank name cat789 she has helped me a lot and would really love to play on diamondshaft with her again Sorry for all the trouble Cy24
  17. Username: DemonicMinecraft Server: Survival Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for two months. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I am fairly familiar with the rules however I noticed that a player (totiemc) had banned me for griefing even though I wasn't online. Would you be able to give me one more chance, I am very sorry for the trouble I caused and I will never do it again. Thanks again, DemonicMinecraft
  18. MiniJoJo100 Survival Griefing LB Proof My sister wanted to get me banned so while I was away from my laptop she went on and did whatever she could to get me banned. Please let me in my brother wanted to play with me I promise I won't have it happen EVER again
  19. Hello I was band from Diamond Shaft For No reason And I don't know why this was my all time fav server and it was 1 of the only servers I played on.
  20. i cant join anything of the diamondshaft community its answer is a "unknown Host"
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