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Found 2 results

  1. username: diamondlucaya1 server: survival banned by: kitkat reason: stealing date of bann: may 30, 2017 hello, I have been a diamond rank player on diamond shaft for approx. 1 year and I love the server, and it is my favorite. I have no idea why skd I mean to me, but declines many kind thoughtful gifts e.g: a blimp with his name on it (couldn't finish), a yacht with a pool, etc. and bullyed me, but still I was honest, eccepted, and dia nothing fore, he is my "friend" I didn't ettempt even threating to bann him. but still, he bullyed me. and today, I was exited to build a base far away from his base, for, he requested multiple times not to be near his base. and so he accused me of killing his villagers. and I took honesty say "no I don't recall, but I did try to kill one of your iron golems there. then said, "and did you steal?" and I repeated "from who?" and I guessed "anone on the server?" he replied "yes" so I said "yes, but from unowned chests." and one of them was a room in his town, that said "to everyone" and it had diamonds in it, enderpearls, and diamond boots, etc. and so now I'm here. I've cried 3 times since I re-joined the server, and skd keeps bullying me, andbeing mean. I only wish to be unbanned, and if so, I will be my beast to 1. not to curse (like normal) 2. try to be as fair and kind as possible and 3. not to even get half close to being banned. if I have a problem, or angry, I will report to staff. thank you for your time, Diamondlucaya1 (a.k.a luk3)
  2. so I was on cubecraft, and I encountered skd_minecraft, a person on diamondshaft he said "hey remember me?" and I said "a bit, but yes" and so he said the server got restarted, and I was hyped. my favorite server! and I was unbanned! joy! and so I promise not to curse, and so while playing, skd started hating on me like, "don't build build near my base," witch I ignored, since he was my "friend". then I offered gifts, didn't accept, and forced me to destroy them, I gave him my awesome yacht, but didn't accept either. I did so many things to win his attention, but nothing worked. soon, he accused me of stealing, even tho 1. I had exiting plans there and 2. I didn't recall stealing. even tho, I got banned a second time. so many bad things happened at my time there on diamondshaft, my favorite server. like e.g: people killing, destroying, and annoying me on my yacht made in creative mode. I cryed 3 times since I re-join diamondshaft. and I will gladly do almost anything to get unbanned. thank you for you time. signed, and accepted with honesty, Diamondlucay1 (a.k.a [Diamond rank] luk3 )
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