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Found 13 results

  1. Username: froakielover Server: Survival Banned By: king_anthrax Date of Ban: 2014-08-07 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, any possible admin and/or other human! I've been playing on DiamondShaft for, I wanna say about one year from 2013 to 2014. I stopped playing on DiamondShaft due to my banning for "griefing". I found DiamondShaft when I was scrolling through endless random servers until I stumbled across this magnificent one, for some reason it caught my eye and I played ever since religiously. I knew the rules, they were quiet simple, and they've been about the same ever since, but I've reread the rules to understand why I may have been ban. "Ich WeiƟ es nicht verboten," since I am not allowed to say those forsaken words noted in The Great Anthrax's absolutely pronominal template that I happen to be using right now, but I cannot remember why I was banned, it has been several years. I apologize greatly for any harm I may have caused anyone. I hope that you would give me another chance, I am sincerely sorry, I will never do it again. I apologize for any time I may have wasted, but I appreciate you at least taking a glance at this. Possibly another visitor of your great sever, Froakielover
  2. Username: ManofsteelixServer: SurvivalBanned By: Doesn't stateDate of Ban: 25 May 2015Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamondshaft for a month and 1/2, and I was just banned for griefing [LB Proof] I know this is the reason why I was banned, but don't remember an occurrence where I griefed. However, if I did destroy anything and if I am unbanned, I will do my best to fix whatever it was that I destroyed. I sincerely apologize and don't plan on causing any misdeeds in the future. I understand your point and am willing to help if unbanned. Thanks, manofsteelix I was just informed over a confusion on Discord that I "griefed Po's town" I was not on last night until 9:30, and when I left, Po's town was just fine. I just moved into it, and started to build an underground base. I came back next morning, and still nothing was griefed. If I knew what they meant by "griefed", then I may be able to confirm whether or not I griefed Po's village, but if they mean by me expanding outside of my plot, then that may be so, although I believe I didn't do that either. Sorry again, for any inconveniences caused.
  3. username: diamondlucaya1 server: survival banned by: kitkat reason: stealing date of bann: may 30, 2017 hello, I have been a diamond rank player on diamond shaft for approx. 1 year and I love the server, and it is my favorite. I have no idea why skd I mean to me, but declines many kind thoughtful gifts e.g: a blimp with his name on it (couldn't finish), a yacht with a pool, etc. and bullyed me, but still I was honest, eccepted, and dia nothing fore, he is my "friend" I didn't ettempt even threating to bann him. but still, he bullyed me. and today, I was exited to build a base far away from his base, for, he requested multiple times not to be near his base. and so he accused me of killing his villagers. and I took honesty say "no I don't recall, but I did try to kill one of your iron golems there. then said, "and did you steal?" and I repeated "from who?" and I guessed "anone on the server?" he replied "yes" so I said "yes, but from unowned chests." and one of them was a room in his town, that said "to everyone" and it had diamonds in it, enderpearls, and diamond boots, etc. and so now I'm here. I've cried 3 times since I re-joined the server, and skd keeps bullying me, andbeing mean. I only wish to be unbanned, and if so, I will be my beast to 1. not to curse (like normal) 2. try to be as fair and kind as possible and 3. not to even get half close to being banned. if I have a problem, or angry, I will report to staff. thank you for your time, Diamondlucaya1 (a.k.a luk3)
  4. so I was on cubecraft, and I encountered skd_minecraft, a person on diamondshaft he said "hey remember me?" and I said "a bit, but yes" and so he said the server got restarted, and I was hyped. my favorite server! and I was unbanned! joy! and so I promise not to curse, and so while playing, skd started hating on me like, "don't build build near my base," witch I ignored, since he was my "friend". then I offered gifts, didn't accept, and forced me to destroy them, I gave him my awesome yacht, but didn't accept either. I did so many things to win his attention, but nothing worked. soon, he accused me of stealing, even tho 1. I had exiting plans there and 2. I didn't recall stealing. even tho, I got banned a second time. so many bad things happened at my time there on diamondshaft, my favorite server. like e.g: people killing, destroying, and annoying me on my yacht made in creative mode. I cryed 3 times since I re-join diamondshaft. and I will gladly do almost anything to get unbanned. thank you for you time. signed, and accepted with honesty, Diamondlucay1 (a.k.a [Diamond rank] luk3 )
  5. ecto23


    Hello, I'm ecto23, I was banned and aI have only been playing for an hour or too, I don't know how I got banned, but then I thought, in my first hour I broke a few pieces of sugar cane, (Not from the very bottom, so it could grow back) next to someones house, I also saw a cubbyhole and broke one block to try to see what has inside, unfortunately , as exited as I was about this AMAZING new game, I forgot to place it back, I am very sorry for what I did, and apologies to whoever house it was , I would love a second chance and I will try my hardest to not mess up other peoples builds. ecto23
  6. Username: daisymaedoodle1 Server: Survival Banned By: Lucy Date of Ban: ??? Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hey guys, im back, well not really but you know what I mean. first of all I know I should have done this ages ago but ive been quite busy and haven't had the time to So im really sorry for doing the things that I did and I honestly swear that I wont do it again. ill do anything you want me to but im missing the server and you guys on it so if I could come back on, that would be great! Thankssss -daisy
  7. Username: X80ProtoServer: SurvivalBanned By: Eddy (I do not know the exact username)Date of Ban: 8th January 2017Reason: Spamming/capsHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for 4 days. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I am fairly familiar with the rules and I was typing about how I lost my diamond pick and only put caps once, i was trying to record by doing Windows + G but i use / to chat. That could not have been the spam but I am very sorry and will not do it again Thanks again, X80Proto Edit: I know this is a copy paste of the template but I did really watch the YouTube video and joined because of that.
  8. NIGHTWING SKINHey guys, I honestly don't remember stealing, BUT I can believe I did so. I really miss this server and I apologize for causing any inconveniences at all, period. If you let me back on or not I just want you to know I'm sorry, and that I don't care about getting unbanned, I just wanted to let you know I was sorry. And no I'm not going to pull the: BUT I DIDNT DO IT!! or the: YOU GUYS SUUCK!!! no. that's not me. I promise if you let me back on the server it won't happen again. I even made a skin for you guys.
  9. Username:skd_the_master Server:Survival Banned By:camocowboy13 Date of Ban:8/21/16 Reason:spam :// *sigh i want to start this appel by saying sorry. i know ive been warned many times by a mod and mutiple times by gaurdians not to do this. i blame nothing for this is all my fault and i wish for u to forgive me. i know this is a silly reason for a ban but i couldnt control my self and kept doing BS. i want to say sorry and please forgive me. please give me a second chance because this is the only server i feel accepted on. im very sorry for the BS that i said in chat and wish for you to give me a second chance. if u do not wish to give me the second chance, well then i can only say im sorry for ignoring your warnings and say farewell to my glorious friends on that server and my town. this is the first perm ban ive ever had in my life and i can tell u, it feels horrible. im sorry but with best luck to you all reading this, i hope you wont come across a perm ban like i did. im sorry for wasting ur reading time with spam chat but have a nice day :// -Samuel :((
  10. ign:__Blackpanther__ sorry for griefing,I have been playing this server for 2 years and the person I griefed had bullies me irl. Server:Survival I love this server very much and i want to be part of it DD: Ban by:edward herondale
  11. Username: xFrostSpiderServer: SurvivalReason: Griefing LB ProofHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for a couple of days and every second i loved it. My friends told me about the server. I saw some blocks and mined it. Afterward, I sold all of it for around $4000. I'm sorry for my actions and wish to be unbanned. When I got banned my little brother got banned too for doing nothing. The town my friends and I have been playing on is now gone..... all of it. dolph_koffling banned meThanks again, xFrostSpider
  12. Username: ZacBob_of_blocks server: survival Reason: Theft This is my 2nd time being banned however this time i'm confused. after being banned for grieving i became a honest citizen and never did anything wrong. but when i tried to join maybe 2 weeks later it says i have been banned for theft please tell me what theft is and unban me thanks Zac Hayley i didn't grief him however i did kill him. I wont do it again promise
  13. Username: lilmo2000 Banned for: griefing lb proof I am extremely sorry for griefing. I feel bad. There was a pixel art of kirby and I needed wool so I took from that. I soon realized that 1) it is something in the town I was in an 2) Bolp was watching me take the wool. With that said, I am genuinely sorry. I should've thought before I clicked the left mouse button. I won't grief again. I PROMISE. I really like this server, and I feel awful for this. Please let me back in soon.
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