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Found 1 result

  1. This is my review of Spiderman homecoming, it will contain both mayor and minor spoilers. If I miss anny plot points please point them out. The story begins at the end of the first avengers movie where a bunch of alien technology has been left on Earth, a small group of people are cleaning up the damage done to the factory and salvage the alien tech. But they're interrupted by a group of government agents called damage controll sent to collect all the technology. They refuse but eventually hand over most of it, but they seceretley hide some in a guys pick up truck. And start work on some weapons of mass destruction. Fast forward 8 years and we see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) recording a blog style video in the back of a car the guy in front tells him to stop or never show anyone the footage, Peter agrees but continues filming. We discover that he's going to be in the fight that happens in Captain America:civil war and he's really excited about it. When that's done we see him Tony Stark and happy ( the guy at the beginning of the vlog) in a car talking about his role in the fight. Tony plays along but happy is hesitant, when they arrive at their destination the vlog ends and we return to the real world where Tony informs him about his new role in the avengers team. When Tony exits the vehicle we see his school and get to know a little about his social life, he has a friend called Ned and he has a crush on a girl called liz. He also gets taunted frequently by a kid called flash. Outside of school Peter does his everyday Spiderman stuff, catch a bike thief, help an old lady that kind of stuff. He is getting hired of it and is frequently messaging happy about any new missions to which he gets no answer. Meanwhile a couple of crinalsnare robbing a bank with avengers masks on and Peter takes action but discovers the have some weird alien technology powering their weapons, Peter manages to stop them but one of the weapons goes whack and sends out a powerful beam destroying a nearby shop Peter frequented. He successfuly saves the owner and his cat but the crooks manage to escape. We find out that they are working for the guy who salvaged the alien technology, who has created an underground organization that sells these weapons. The guy also made himself a bird like suit and he has turned into the vulture. When Peter is done with the crooks he looks for his backpack with his clothes only to discover thy where stolen, when he returns home he claims through the window trying not to alert aunt may he discovers his friend in his room holding a Lego deathstar that they where going to complete. His friend drop the object in amazement at Peter being Spiderman but Peter warns him not to tell anyone. When aunt may walks in to see what's happening and is greeted by a half naked Peter and his father Asian friend witch was pretty gay and funny. Later aunt may and Peter are having lunch at a restaurant and aunt may is trying to get him to talk, he then admission he's tired of the "Stark internship" and she admids she doesn't really like Tony, on the news they spot a segment about the bank robbery and she warns him not to go near events like that. Peter also tells her he needs a new backpack. The next day at school Ned constantly ask Peter about his Spiderman stuff, during gym they get a PSA by Captain America and start their training, during their training they overhear the girls talking about superheroes and who'd they'd fuck/mary/kill, Liz admids she's into Spiderman and Ned blurts out that Peter knows Spiderman in front of everyone. Liz then invites Peter and Ned to a party to invite Spiderman. When they get to the part Ned immediately pressures Peter to change into his suit, but Peter is hesitant untill flash pesters him about it. He goes to the roof to change but sees an explosion in the distance, naturally he goes out to investigate. He discovers that Brice and Shultz (guys working with the vulture) are selling alien tech to a local thug, during their demonstration Peter's phone goes off as Ned tries to call him. This leads Brice and Shultz to the conclusion that they've been set up and they try to escape. While Peter chases after them the vulture swoops in and takes Peter to the sky only to drop him in a lake because Peter got stuck in his parachute, while Peter is drowning iron Man saves Peter from a wattery death because he could track him through his suit. Hes not in the suit but basically calling Peter to warm him not to dabble in crime- fighting for his own good. Peter considers going back to the part but Ned calls him to tell him that the flash is mocking him with everyone. When Peter is on his way home he finds one of the weapons that the guys dropped on the ground. Meanwhile Brice and Shultz return to their base admitting that they dropped a weapon, Toomes (vulture) fed up with this cuts Brice from the team but he threatens to spill the beans. Toomes then grapes a powerful weapon from a table and proceeds to vaporise Brice, mistaking the weapon for an anti gravity gun. Toomes then grants Shultz the weapon that Brice had. The next day Peter and Ned crack open the weapon to reveal a power core, when his class is over Schultz enters his school looking for the weapon and Peter places a tracker on him. And discovers he's heading to Maryland. Peter then rejoins the decathlon team as they head off to dc for the Nationals competition. Peter and Ned hack into his suit and discover the "training wheels" protocol which disables many a features of the suit. The disable the protocol and remove the tracking device. Peter sneaks out to find out where Shultz is and discovers he's trying to hijack a damage controll truck. He is successful at foiling their plan but gets nocked your and ends up at a damage controll vault witch only opens when it's morning. Incapable of leaving he spends time with his newly hacked suit and talks to the ai hom he named Karen. She helps him learn a couple of features built into the suit and he also opens up about his feelings for Liz. He also learns that the power cores I are basically bombs that are activated by radiation. They try to hack the time installation of the vault to get out early and successfuly escape. Peter misses out on the competition but his team still won, they head off to the Washington monument. Peter calls Ned todwarn him about the power core but can't. While the team is on the elevator the core explodes and Peter rushes to the top of the monument but can't get through the window. The police show up in choppers and demand that Peter get to the ground but Peter leaps over the chopper and uses his momentum so swing from the bottom and break through the window. He shoots a web to catch the elevator but the weight pulls him down with it luckily he shoots another one that saves them from falling and the kids can exit the elevator Liz is the last one to exit but then the web breaks and she falls, Peter catches her in the nick of time and she safely escapes. Back in New York Karen reveals that Peter's suit records everything that he sees. So the face scan the thug that was trying to buy weapons and find his location. Peter tries to interrogate the guy but fails to impress, the guy figures he's new to being a hero and tells him where Toomes is headed. To the Staten island ferry to gather more materials. When Spidey gets to the ferry he almost misses it. On the ferry Toomes is meeting up with another criminal called Mac Gargan, when Peter spots Toomes he doesn't realise he's the vulture. He swings in and incapacitates Gargan and his goons when the FBI shows up. Toomes tries to use a weapon on Peter, but he holds it down with his webs. This backfires as the weapon becomes unstable and splits the ferry in two. Peter tries to hold the ferry together with his webbing but it continues to split, then iron Man shows up with his drones and repairs the ferry. Peter retreats to a rooftop and when Tony finds him he scolds him for not listening and lying about what he was doing with the suit. Peter then blames him for what happened on the vessel because he didn't care enough to listen to Peter about the vulture, Tony then steps out of his suit and tells him he DID listen as he sent the FBI on the same ferry as Toomes. He then reminds him that nobody got harmed on the ferry but if someone did it would all be on him. Feeling he is unworthy of it Tony demands his suit back from Peter. Peter begs Tony that he's nothing without the suit, Tony then tells him that if he's nothing without the suit he shouldn't have it. Peter then returns home to Aunt may dejectedly. She gets on him about not answering the phone all day, even going to the police to find out where he was. She also knows about him skipping detention and missing the decathlon competition, as well as him sneaking out every night. He admids he has been fired from the Stark internship. Peter resumes life as an average teen and spends more time with Ned. One day he meets Liz and opens up to her, she already knew this and he asks her out for the homecomings (roll credits) dance. She accepts. On the day of the dance Petr comes to pick up Liz only to find out he's dad is Toomes. After some awkward photos they head off in Toomes car to the dance, Liz tells her dad about Peter's backstory and he slowly puzzles together that Peter is spodermen. When they arrive at the dance Liz exits the vehicle and rooms gives Peter a firm warning not to mess with his business or else. Peter then exits to find liz. During the dance Peter finds out that Toomes is planning to steal a cargo shipment from the avengers tower heading to their new base. Peter then fucking ditches Liz to get his homemade spodey suit and stop Tooms. He heads out only to be met by Shultz who beats up Peter with his gauntlets, Peter tries to get his web shooter but keeps getting rekt by Shultz. Then net how's up who 420 quickscopes Shultz and saves Peter. They tie up Shultz and Peter heads out to stop Toomes. Ned being Peter's eyes in the sky. The following scene is the funniest moment in the movie, all 4 people in the theatre including me laughed. Ned tries to contact happy but he hangs up on him hes also tracking Toomes. Meanwhile a lady walks in and asks him wtf he is doing while everybodys dancing, he procedes to give a short stare and replies : looking at porn. It could only be better if the sienfled theme would start to play. Peter finds toomes in his lair. Toomes tries to reason with Peter but it's only a distraction as he unleashes his suit witch flies around destroying support pillars around Peter and the building collapses. Toomes leaves Peter for dead and he struggles to get up, he then remembers Tony's words and uses all his strength to lift the debris. Peter latches onto an oblivious toomes as he chases the plane. Toomes tries to gather what he needs but Peter foils his plans. Toomes gets in his suit and they start to fight witch damages the turbines, the plane crashes onto the shore of Coney island. Toomes and his badly damaged suit try to escape but Peter warns him that it will explode, he ignores this and his wings explode. Tooms survives (sadly) and Peter ties him up to the cargo with a note. Happy and the police find toomes and arrest him. Back at school Peter finds out that Liz is moving to Oregon with her mother while her dad is still on trial. She's still salty about Peter ding ding ditching her at the dance party ands says goodbye. Peter then gets an SMS to go to the bathroom and meets happy who thanks him for what he did, he also tells him that Tony wants to meet him. Tony and happy escort him to the new avengers HQ. Tony shows Peter a new spoder suit and tells him there are reporters behind the wall waiting for him. He has become an official avenger. Peter replies with "LMAO fuck that I'm sticking with the friendly neighborhood spoderguy" and proceeded to dab on them haterz (he didn't actually dab but he did say no). Peter then ask Tony if it was a test and he responds by saying he passed. Peter walks away and Tony is suprised at the mature decision of turning him down, because there really where reporters waiting outside. Pepper pots then enters and is frustrated because Peter left but happy covers Tony with a ring so he could propose to pepper (this willdefinetly be in a future movie). Back at home Peter find a bag that Tony left him with the original suit in it. He excitedly puts them on not noticing Aunt May behind him who exclaims "WHAT THE FU-" Tis is the end of the movie. I really liked this movie, it was definitely better that the amazing Spiderman 1&2, but then again they were made by the company that brought us the emoji movie. 9/11 Too much water -IGN