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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! Today I am applying for a staff position. I have been on the server for a several years, and have always tried to come up with different ways to help others. I have always been friendly with everyone, and have built my giant farm to provide for everyone. I have what it takes to become a staff member, as I play on the server on an almost daily basis. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that is what I plan on providing for everyone. Those who grief may have a chance to replace the blocks that they broke, and those who steal may have a chance to return the items that they stole. I plan on making this server a more friendly and heart-warming place to play, so that nobody has a reason to leave our server. I have already come up with a few ideas on how to make our server more interactive. Thank you all for your attention! Yours truly, DSK (DiamondSkullKing)
  2. IGN:TootieFrootieJeb Age: 13 Turning 14 soooon Teamspeak: TootieJeb Hello my name is Jeb and my username is TootieFrootieJeb Ive been playing diamond shaft for quite awhile and I really like the server, I have lots of friend like Tori Tea Lucy Neil Adinala I am 13 years old turning 14 in November so I technically don't qualify to become a GIT but I hope I can I live in Canada Alberta, I have a small town right now in Diamondshaft its called Bunny Hollow Its apart of DUN I think I would be a good staff member because I like to help people out and build houses for them etc. I would say my personality is probably Humorous and I can get intense sometimes I am also apart of Mr to We I'm sure you've heard about the fundraiser and currently I am one of the leaders in my Junior high school I've been picked to go to WE day multiple times currently me and my friend and teacher are making a school in Ecuador and a village in Kenya, we have had multiple fundraisers and I have led most of them to success we had the Rafiki, Bake sale, Candy cane sale, food bank , toy fundraiser. I have went to Ecuador and handed out bags of goodies with my mom and in my small town in Alberta I volenteer almost every holiday break I have and I go down to the mustared seed with my teacher and we hand out food there so I guess I have a helpful personality too. I like to chat with everyone I like to make new friends in the server everyday. I am on most of the time sometimes I might not come on for a day because I am busy but I come on alot and build my town. Me and BloodDiamond found out about the bug on building a shop and we informed Bolp about it so she and DK fixed it in like 15 minutes I would say my Most motivating Staff member is Lucy because if anyone calls her name she answers and if anyone needs any help she will help them if I become GIT I hope to be as helpful as Lucy was now Lucy is a Mod and I belive she truly does deserve being a mod. I think I would be a good Gaurdian/GIT because I like to help people out and if anything happens that I could help solve I let staff know, I remind people about the rules Like no spam, No using all caps, No direct swearing and always listen to staff members. I think that I would also make a good staff member because I participate in activities like calls and carnivals. I would say that I am friends with alot of people on the server and we do stuff together like I gave Po advice before and I help Tea Build, Lucy helps me build, Me and Tori call alot so I think that I have some notice in the server and I play for fun, I dont really swear I dont know why im just not allowed to swear at home so thats probably the reason I dont swear alot. Me and Neil are close buddies he is very nice to me and I help him and he helps me so its just something we do I helped build a mall for him and he helped me by giving me advice on my house. I have a very good friend Peri, Peri is the one who first let me build a house in her town I miss Peri alot because she doesnt go online that much anymore and I want to make it up for her for being so nice to me I wanted to build her a base and give her supplies but I hope she comes on soon so I can thank her for everything she has done for me. Well thank you for sitting through my boring story about me wanting to be Guardian on the DiamondShaft server, Thanks, Jeb
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