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Found 15 results

  1. Username: Unknown_Gamer320 Server: Survival Banned by: breakfast_boy Date of Ban: 2015-12-01 Reason of Ban: griefing lb proof Hello my brother was banned years ago and he doesn't even play minecraft anymore so I use his account and I just wanted to play with my cousin so we decided that we wanted to play on Diamond Shaft but turns out my brother was banned a long time ago so I would really just like to me unbanned please and thank you.
  2. Well i have been banned on this server for more than 4 years, i don't know if it was 4 years but i know it was more than 2, i first played on this server on 1.8.8 so it has been a while. i got banned on this server a week later for advertising another server. i think a perm ban was kind of unnecessary, a 7 day ban would of been more called for. But thats not the case, i was one of those annoying kids that would go around advertising servers that will go no where, i honestly didn't know advertising was a rule at the time because i was kind of new to minecraft servers at the time. but there are
  3. Username: MotoKoko Server: Survival Banned By: The ban message doesn't say. Date of Ban: June 29, 2017 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hi!. I have only started playing DiamondShaft yesterday. I found it when one of my friends told me about it. I know all of the rules and how to follow them. I do know however, that one of the rules Is no griefing. Yesterday, I was banned for griefing, but I don't exactly know what I griefed. I am legitimately sorry for what I did grief , and if i do get unbanned, then I would like to see and repair what I broke. Thank you, MotoKoko
  4. Username: JustCallMeFox Server: Survival Banned By: JackieBolp Date of Ban: About June 6th maybe? just found out June 8th Reason: Banevading Hey, I've been playing on diamondshaft for over a year now, I remember a few months back I was tempbanned by bolp for speaking in another language I think. I invited my friend to play later on on my computor and we got banned for banevading. The ban was lifted about 2 months ago, and now its back... If it still counts as banevading I won't do it again. Thanks For your time, Fox
  5. Username: code_name_nard Server: Survival Banned By: christianmineman Date of Ban: 09 April 2016 Reason: griefing I have been benned for griefing into to dayflowsintonight house and I understand that it is worth baning me as stated in the rules of Diamond Shaft. However the reason I want into their house was not to grief or any order mean spirited act, the true reason why I did this was to just look around. Afterwards I planed replace the blocks I broke but felled to do so after deading to a mob two times. if I'm am not unbanned from Diamond Shaft I will respect your chose. just
  6. Username: code_name_nard Server: Survival Banned By: ??? Date of Ban: 09 April 2016 Reason: Banned by an Operator Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft survival for about two weeks with my sister. However when I tried to join the server today it said that I was bad by an Operator and nothing else. After looking a bit as to why I might have been bad as I lacked any more information on the matter at hand. I understand the rules really well and well admit that I have taking some thing from others but I always plant it back or even give them something as thank you/sorry gift in
  7. Username: macomierServer: SurvivalBanned By: bolpDate of Ban: May 22 2016Reason: Griefing LB ProofHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for two days. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. You must now that iam new to minecraft and that i thougt i just could take stuff from other people. So i took some stuff from a guy and i got banned. I would like to get unbanned. i know now that i cant take stuff from other peole so i wont do it again Is it to late now to say sorry? cuz am missing more then just my house on the server yeah i know that i l
  8. Username: MinecraftTV_GR , Billy01GR Server: DiamondShaft Survival Reason: Griefing LB Proof Ban from: hane2014 My friends made the mistake of breaking some blocks that they thought they belonged to inactive players.I admit to have made the same mistake as them but I haven't gotten banned.I'm kindly asking you to unban them and let it slide this time and we promise to never do anything close to griefing again.If we do we'll accept a permanent ban.
  9. Please unban me, I've been crying for quite a while now.. You see, Erza aka - MusaKitty banned me for basically no reason.. She thinks I like like Andrew, and since she is Lucy best friend and Lucy and Andrew are together she was being very mean to me, saying he said I was annoying even through he did not. Oooh and I'm only beginning- I ignored her because she was being so mean, and it was my mistake to stop ignoring her- I was giving her a second chance to be nice.. She banned me for direct swearing through- I didn't, I did say she was a Asshole, yes however, I didn't directly say that t
  10. Hi, yesterday i was banned for not replanting... I was walking around in the wild with my friends and found a abounded house with a farm so we harvested it and didnt replant it, im so sorry i didnt replant and its never goin' to happen again... Hope you unban me soon so i can play with my friends who got unbanned yesterday... I was banned by Bolp
  11. Hey, Recently i started to play at diamondshaft and i enjoyed playing alot with my friends. Today we were out in minecraft and just walked around. I dont know why we got banned but we saw and big house. It looked kind off abondoned so we checked it out, it said "(Wilderness (pvp) ). Than we saw a farm and we was like oshit, well if there is no players or no kind off protections here why not just take it ?. Then we did. We came home and started to build houses and mining and we got really stacked at the end. Than i ate some tacos and when i walk back to my PC i was banned all of a sudden. And i
  12. username: _arcawhale_ server: Survival reason: griefing lb proof i am sorry i griefed i was taking mrredstonerjr's potatos and i forgot to replant i am sorry i will never to it again i promise plz unban me ps: Hayley banned me
  13. Yo, my names witherduck and i dont give a fuck, but please here me out cus this isnt just luck. I got banned, a while ago you see, while i know all the blame is to be set on me. I was being a prick telling people to go suck a dick, joking about self harm, but man, i cant even knit yarn! I didnt think my actions would catch up to me, now im on a boat in the ds ban sea! So please unban me from the ts so i can start pokin and jokin around not giving people a frown no more cus im a changed whore. I apologize for everything i did, but shit man, im only a kid! This is a serious unban ap
  14. Username: creeper1013 Server: Survival Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hi! I've been playing The Diamond Shaft for quite a while now. It's my favorite survival server. I recently got banned for Griefing LB Proof. I wanted to take a look around the place, and it wouldn't let me open the door so I broke some blocks to get in. I'm so sorry, I won't do it again. Sincerely, creeper1013
  15. Gispy

    Unban Gispy

    Hi I'm Gispy I'm a German player so excuse my grammar. A friend showed me the server and I also pointed wanted to play but I am banned atreason greafing though I've never been on the server, I believe that I have renamed me into someone who was baned on the server sometime ago so please unbanned Gispy you can also check my UUID check if you think I lie

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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