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Dear Anthrax

My player name is Dentakill and i got banned.I want to type a short story and ig you have tiem i would like to read it.So the last time i was in the server i was helping a kid with the name iLive4gaming and his friend ItsEnderZ to build their town.That happened yesterday .Today i tried to  log in on your server and it says that my griefed is proved or somthing like that.The only 2 things i can imagine for my ban is a kid wanted help and typed it into the chat.i msg him and ask what happened.he told me that he was griefed by  a player with the name Sidal something NOT Sitral beacause Sitral is my friend.anyway i tpa to him and the kid with the name Sidal had put a sign is the kids home and i break the blocks to see if i can break the door.Then the kid SIdal something appeared and typed to the chat that i griefed his house( I unfortunatelly dont remember the kid that had been "griefed")then i killed him and then he killed me to.Then i disconnected for a while and when i log in again they were talking to the chat like friends saying how are you.Maybe not excactly that but they where friendly each other.Plus every time the kid who get maybe griefed wanted to talk bad to Sidal with a private message he was sending the bad words to me and he was saying sorry but he did it 4 or 5 times.how that can be possible.The other thing i can imagine is that i put 6  blocks of dirt in a kid house that she was my friend because she was always killng me when i was tpaing to her.I wasnt mad with killng me but i wanted to do to her a liitle prank to stop killing me.It wasnt revang or something else just a liitle prank.Now if i did anything else that i dont remember and i heart a kid with something i didnt realized that i did  i will say to him a GIANT SORRY and i will pay him what he wants and help him with anything he wants.That is all i had to say .Hope i didnt tierd you.Please unban me because  i even more i love the server so much and i have so many friends.

Thnx for your time with much love yours Dentakill

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Since this is your first offense I will give you another chance.

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