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Remember to donate for the dropparty at /warp drop so we can have more drop parties. We are only a few people that donates stuff at the moment but we need a lot more stuff to have drop parties. SO if you have something you dont need please donate. 

I will let you know in this topic when the future drop parties will be. But remember no donations no drop party :) 


And for those of you who dont know what a drop party is.. Its a party where staff will put all the donated stuff into a machine that randomly drops the stuff for everyone at the party to pic up. You will get a chance of getting wings, diamonds, tools, armor and other great stuff. Sometimes there will be a special made tool or armor for the lucky one to get. 

At the drop party there's a few rules that needs to be followed so everyone have a equally fair chance to get all the great stuff that will be droped..

1. no flying

2. no fireworks

3. no trails 

4. don't donate any items from your /kit. The items will just be destroyed

If you break the rules at the party it will result in a 30 min. tempban


I hope to see you at a lot of drop parties in the future :) 


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Next drop party is Saturday 09/24 at 

California (U.S.A - western) 11:00 (11am)

Arizona (U.S.A - mountain) 12:00 (12am/mid day)

Chicago (U.S.A - central) 13:00 (1pm)

New Jersey (U.S.A - eastern) 14:00 (2pm)

Charlottetown (Canada - prince Edward island) 15:00 (3pm)

London (united kingdom - england) 19:00 (7pm)

denmark (European) 20:00 (8pm)

Amman (Jordan) 21:00 (9pm)

Hong kong (Hong kong) 02:00 (2am)

I hope to see most of you there and don't forget to donate. Everything that wont be dropped on Saturday will be dropped next time we have a party!! And don't forget to read the part rules :) 

Have a nice day

(there will be droped a lot of nice items including a nice weapon and some skulls (creeper, zombie ans skeleton) every time we have a party from now on in this map)

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