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Cover artwork!

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As you may have seen I have started designing cover art! Find attached some of my best so far.


If you would like one please send me a private message on the forums with:

- The background you would like (either a link (high res) or a specific theme e.g ice dragon, city etc)

-  The font you would like to use, or if not the exact font then the style of font, e.g cursive, medieval, bold, freehand, capitals etc

- What you want written e.g MrSnorman or S (as seen in my profile)

- What colour you want the font/do you want a font outline

- Any other things you want e.g shadow or reflection

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Can I have one too?

background a icy Phoenix. (Don't have link, sry) 

With  Words that look like black ice in the middle and another one with smaller so I can have both the banner and a profile pic 

I don't care how big it is so surprise me on the size.

thanks - PoenixLeader64

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