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Report a Player - Mr_Spikes (Accepted)

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Okay so I befiended a sweet player named RainbowHairGirl and she live at this negihbourhood in the sky. I asked her If I could build a house by hers (a home away from home 2 floor high house) I spent 2 hours total building it. (Chopping Wood, smelting glass etc.) And then it turns out Rainbow did not own the land, it was owned
by Mr_Spikes.

Spikes logged in and Rainbow and I told him that it was my house and he was okay with it.
Then Rainbow logged out and Mr spikes said that I wrecked his island and claimed my house, went inside it, looked at me, lauged in my face
and logged out. This is deeply injust because no where did it say that he owned the land and/or did not want anyone
else to live there. Please help! (He also said Rain did not have authority to say I could build there.)

I wish I had claimed my house before it was too late :'(

My username is ccee633


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He also has vandalised it by adding a ceilg, stairs and a new floor :(


Can Anyone help me?

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do you have any coords so i can go there and help you?


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