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Event Team Application

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Name: PossessedPlayz

TS: PossessedPlayz

Skype: PossessedHail

Timezone: GMT? 

Hello it's Po and I honestly cannot remember if  I made an event team application (my memory is getting worse n worse) so as you know I didn't make the guardian cut but I still want to help the server in anyway I can. I wanted to help with the prison server but I've been on holiday and I'm getting back tomorrow I believe maybe a day later. So I have been teaching myself some technical stuff on player servers but I wouldn't say I'm the best or confident it that area but I am better then some now. I love to build and I believe I'm a rather good builder so that could allow the confident tech people like @tailsLuigifan245 n @TotieMc etc (idk if tails is on the event team but I know he's very good at technical shit) get on with the tech stuff without worrying about building. Honestly I'm an ideas burd, I like to think about like games or anything really l it helps me with my anxiety and personnel stuff I don't want to share. Just want to point out my "Burd Turd" suggestion was a joke.... not a real idea.. 


Anyway I'm not sure what else to say...

so yeah, 


Edit: List of technical stuff i have picked up/taught my self:

World edit-pretty simple almost anyone can do it. World guard-still pretty simple most can do it. Permissions n groups-I feel pretty confident about that now but of course im not an expert so dont expect perfect results. Kits-pretty simple but i only know a little bit im still not sure how to add a time limit  and add potions to it. Command blocks- they are rather complicated and many things can be done with them, ive attempted some technical stuff but it didnt always work so i would say im confident using them. MineResetLite- i attempted using this and i think i have it all down. 

Not So Strong Points: Menus- hells to the no. permissions Ex-Huh?. protocol LIB-Wut?. Multiverse_core-Spare me your gibberish.  

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