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Server: Servival

Banned by: Edward_Herondale

Date of Ban: 25 January 2017

Reason: Griefing LB proof


I don't remember griefing anyone's farm. If I really did (as in you have a screenshot for proof) then I fully take the blame and am COMPLETELY sorry, and promise to never do it again.  :-)


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1 hour ago, THE AMETHYST PICKAXE said:

i thank the guy who ban me dus not have eny idao abowt this website

No...I just put his name in @ to notify him that he was mentioned in this post. He will check and unban you eventually, we leave bans to the staff member who banned them.

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Sorry, I've been really busy since exams are currently on the go I've been studying like crazy! I banned you because you didn't replant an autofarm, but i forgot to grab a screenshot off it, since it's your first ban however I'll unban you, sorry about the wait i feel really bad :P 

And remember don't do it again!


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