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DoctorWhoniverse's GIT Application

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Username: DoctorWhoniverse

Age: 19

TS: I don't use / Discord: Bill Cipher


Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse, but I go by Matt. I'm 19 years old, and I will be 20 on April 17th. I'd like to apply for GIT because I like DiamondShaft, and I've always wanted to be staff. I know how to logblock and how to roll back. I am curious that, when you interview me, will I have to talk? I don't use a microphone, as the one on my computer makes me sound 5 years younger than I actually am. I enjoy gaming, researching facts, and a bunch of other things. I currently work as an Auto Mechanic, and my shift usually ends around 2:00 EST. I'm usually active almost every day, usually when no staff are visibly online. I know that, from watching, that most servers give 3 warnings/kicks for caps/spam, then tempbans that last for usually 2 days. I know how to ban people, but I may need guidance on commands for temporary bans and ban evidence. I don't have much experience as staff, mostly because I play on very few servers, and the servers I do play on never hire for staff, or I miss the deadline. Thank you for viewing this and taking it into consideration, it is much appreciated. Have a Good day.

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