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Server IGN: DiamondSkullKing (DSK)

Age: 31

HI, I am DiamondSkullKing and I am running for the position of GIT. I have what it takes to become a staff member. I have been on the server for a long time, and I play on the server almost everyday, if not every day. I play for hours, so I am on when  most other staff members are not. There have been times when there is no staff members on, and someone needs a staff member's help because they either got griefed, or their house was broken into, and I cannot do anything to be able to help them because though I know the commands, I cannot perform them. Everyone knows me on the server, and they know that I am always there ready to help when I can. I'm currently working on a bakery shop to be able to to provide food for anyone who needs it. When I create parties, I always give items to members of my party to help them out for free, like diamonds, iron, and armor. I have got what it takes to be staff. I am always on, ready to help out someone who is in need of assistance. And I know that I will be a great asset to the other staff members in finding out who the thieves and griefers are. I always try to help staff by calling them when I find a building that looks griefed, a farm not replanted. I will now be able to take action of my own without having to rely on someone else for help. Truly yours, DiamondSkullKing :)

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