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Sorry about the previous application it was a copy and I admit it this is the real thing,

IGN: Demonic_YT

Age: 15

Discord/Teamspeak: Discord is Demo/ Teamspeak is Demonic_YT

Hi my name is Demonic_YT or also known as Demo. I have know this server ever since 2013 I think. Anyways I have no idea any exact time I've been playing on the server, but I do feel that I am attached to it in a way. I like to be useful to moderators, guardians, and admins by looking for the unusual and unlawful. I like to build a lot and I feel that in my opinion I am very good at it. I also know quite a few people on the server and I feel like they are friends. I sometimes need help with instruction, but I am currently working on that I mean not everyone is perfect. I like to be on the server whenever I can (even during school hours) and as long as I can. A few things about me is that I have problems remembering sometimes, but that's ok. I always have a positive attitude when I come on the server and I have certain things that will get on my nerve though. But so does everyone and that's what makes me a normal individual. And yet I am still weird because of how I act and how I react to a situation. I always try to help make certain things better as like one time (not naming names) someone lost a dog and I tried my best to get the person bones and maybe even a new dog. But not to be a show off I just like to give an example of how I can help to the server. Finally as a personal feeling it was always a dream to be a guardian or mod or even a admin (of corse not an actual dream but a thing to work towards).


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it,



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