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Drop Parties

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Hello, everyone.

Most of you already know that we've returned to doing Drop Parties last map. Not much information has changed, only the Drop Party build has. There aren't many rules to Drop Parties, however we still require you to follow them. Drop Parties are to be held on the first and third Saturdays of each month, so bi-weekly.

Rules & Info:

  1. Keep moving. Do not hog any of the dispensers. If hogged, you will be prevented from entering the build.
  2. Survival mode is forced. If you are somehow able to force creative, you will be tempbanned until party is over.
  3. Flight is meant to be disabled. If you are seen flying, you will be prevented from entering the build.
  4. Do not complain if you receive only trashy items. Complaining will get you muted for a short while, or kicked.
  • Drop Parties are always held bi-weekly. Whoever is hosting it may change, depending on availability.
  • We please ask for players to donate items at /warp DropDonate for parties. It will surely help!


  • California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am
  • Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm
  • New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm
  • Charlotte Town (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm
  • London (UK - England): 6 pm
  • Denmark (European): 7 pm
  • Hong Kong (China): 2 am

Drop Party Building:



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Edited post, also shameless admin bump for people to know this information exists.

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