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Report a Player - NuclearBuildsMC (Rejected)

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Username: skd_the_master


Reporting: NuclearBuildsMC

While I was talking in chat I saw this:

This is disrespect and I am pretty sure is an direct swear.2017-04-18_20_34_26.thumb.png.ddb308f882b079a51a4cb8400ac0c870.png

Thank you for reading my report,


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Lol it was a joke, I don't get why you people take stuff like that so serious? If it was a friend it would've been "laughter" but since it's me joking your gonna report me😂 Everyone tries to give me a bad rap I talk in the chat like 4 times and this is what I get? Do what you want staff I've been on this server for over a year and a half maybe longer, joke if you ask me.

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Dude, its still disrespect

And also, it didn't seem as a joke at that time since you were calling us names and stuff.

Edited by STD
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When did I call you a name before? Ask camo me and him literally call eachother hoe all the time, and joke around same with Lucy (except for the hoe part :)) get a sense of humor quit trying to ban every person you see you literally gloated "second report today for me" in chat. 

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In conclusion, this report has been declined since we clearly can't tell who Nuc is talking about. I'm not being nice just because I joke around with him or not but I clearly can't tell who he is talking to. I believe it was the diamond but ya know. This generate gets so upset over the stupidest things. Anyways as "Judge" Lucy has concluded is that your lawyer was a waste since it did not win over the judge. Oh yeah, kits have always been 2 days. Anyways, what have we learned? Caution on what you say when having a conversation, don't comment on reports, and most of all don't use caps. Report declined. 

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