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SPLEEF EVENT MAY 27 6pm Pacific time  

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  1. 1. Are you going to participate in SPLEEF?!?

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Event Date: Saturday May 27th at 6pm Pacific time.

So BIG! news. Diamond Shaft now has an official SPLEEF arena.


We will be holding a tournament to see who will win the Crown of SPLEEF as well as who will win the prizes!


Once at the Arena there will be a RULE BOARD. Please read before entering your name. Some things may be changed due to the amount of players, time and such.

You must wear the coloured armor that is associated with your colour. Colours are Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow. Please do not complain if you get a colour you do not like. If you do and throw a tantrum you will be disqualified.

In Your chest you will receive Armor as well as a pick axe and shovel. Once you have finished a round and did not win that round. You must return what you took back into the same chest you took it from. These items are not yours and are only used for the arena. You will answer to the Mods/Guardians if you refuse to return the items. Thank you

A winner of a round will stay for the next round. If that winner loses in the next round they will be added back onto the bottom of the name rotation list. This will give other players a chance to catch up. Don't worry the points you have received during your wins will be added to your overall score.

The first player who reaches 10 to 20 points depending on the level of participating Players will end the game. If by chance there is a draw those two players will battle it out to see who the true winner will be. Draws may occur if the Event has gone on to long and needs to end. Or if two players finish each other off into the lava at the same time.

Depending on the amount of players the tournament may take a bit longer. But there will be a time cap seeing as the tournament starts at 6pm.

All who participate will receive a consolation prize as a thank you. However there are only 3 top places for the main prizes. So if you do not win, please show your sportsmanship and congratulate the other players.

DO NOT attack or at least try not to kill the other player with those tools. If we read that you have killed the other player you will be disqualified for that round. All players that lose will fall into lava. That is the only way they can lose.

Please remember this is a GAME and to Have Fun!


Layout of Matches

4 Players will face off against each other down 5 levels. Last Player standing wins the round.

You loose the round if you fall into the Lava at the bottom.

Remember to knock the players above down. If you do not. They may win because you cannot reach them.

1 round won = 1 point.

Winner has the chance to win again as they get to stay in and fight against the other opponents until they lose.

You will have a Pick Axe and a Shovel. Depending on the block you will have to quickly switch between the tool you will use.

If there is a stand off a timer will start. The Players will receive 60 seconds to get the other Player into the lava. If both Players are not on the final level when the timer runs out they will be disqualified. However if the stand off is cause when two players are on either side of the lava with no plausible chance to attack the other Player without committing suicide it will count as a DRAW. Both players will gain a point.

Note! Event Planners are the ones keeping track of points. Try not to fight if you think you won and you did not. No one is bias here and we all want the winner to win fairly.


The Prizes

Will be posted on the board next to the arena. The reason for this is because if this event goes well and we have more.

Maybe the prizes will become greater.


Thank you to all those who helped with making this happen.





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