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Ban appeal by Maximmilliam (Sorry!) (Unbanned)

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Username: Maximmilliam

Server: Survival

Banned by: TEAtime2012

Date of Ban: 5/27/2017

Reason: Auto Iron farm / AFK pool

Hello, I have been playing on Diamondshaft for more than 3 months. I found it after searching on Google for some survival servers. I know that automatic farms are not allowed, but when I built an iron farm, I tried making it automatic. I noticed that it didn't add any noticeable amount of lag to the server as, after all, that's the reason that they were outlawed. But however, when I tried logging on to the server, I noticed that Tea banned me. She said that the reason was an afk pool. I thought that, as long as it doesn't add any lag, it wouldn't be illegal. Tea however showed me that it is a matter of principle (?!) and that whether or not it causes lag, you will get banned. It was even a weak farm and doesn't do that much. Moreover, I only used the AFK pool when I was the only one on the server. Nevertheless, I'm destroying the pool and converting the farm into semi - automatic once again (if Tea hadn't already destroyed both of them).

I hope you get me back on to the game. It's a cute lil' server. If it had cheeks, I would kiss them.

I am waiting for your reply.



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1 hour ago, Maximmilliam said:

It's a cute lil' server. If it had cheeks, I would kiss them.

Is this where DiamondShaft r34 starts

Also, @TEAtime2012

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max I will unban you, but please understand that we do not accept any form of afk pool or auto farm regardless of the time or presence.

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