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please unbann me (Declined)

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so I was on cubecraft, and I encountered skd_minecraft, a person on diamondshaft he said "hey remember me?" and I said "a bit, but yes" and so he said the server got restarted, and I was hyped. my favorite server! and I was unbanned! joy! and so I promise not to curse, and so while playing, skd started hating on me like, "don't build build near my base," witch I ignored, since he was my "friend". then I offered gifts, didn't accept, and forced me to destroy them, I gave him my awesome yacht, but didn't accept either. I did so many things to win his attention, but nothing worked. soon, he accused me of stealing, even tho 1. I had exiting plans there and 2. I didn't recall stealing. even tho, I got banned a second time. so many bad things happened at my time there on diamondshaft, my favorite server. like e.g: people killing, destroying, and annoying me on my yacht made in creative mode. I cryed 3 times since I re-join diamondshaft. and I will gladly do almost anything to get unbanned. thank you for you time.


signed, and accepted with honesty,

                            Diamondlucay1 (a.k.a [Diamond rank] luk3 )

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