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1.12 Server Changes List

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Hello, everyone.

Most of you already know that our server has had a reset for 1.12, though do not know our total changes and planned events. I'm happy to say these ideas from the staff may create a better experience for the server. Some things are returning to the server, being removed, added, or changed in general. Here is the list;

- Lottery
Spend $100 to buy a lottery ticket to either win other player's cash, or lose your own.

- Gauntlet
On any Saturday that does not hold a Drop Party, players can fight mobs at the Gauntlet for XP and mob drops.

- PvP Tournaments
Players can enter these Tournaments to win over-powered items, such as enchanted weapons, tools, or armor pieces. Tournaments will be held randomly, though we may create a temporary post to notify users.

- Fallen Arena Boss Fights
We have a few Arenas built for the start of the map, one of them being an arena fallen from the sky. Boss fights will sometimes be held to either fight with your friends, or alone, to sometimes win a Dragon Egg to sell, or other prizes. It can also be used for PvP.

- More Seasonal Events, eg Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
We haven't really done much for Seasonal Events recently, but this time around we should be more active for them.

- Cross-Server Messaging
Using BungeeChat, you can now message your friends across servers.

- Cross-Server Tablist
You can now use the TAB key to see what members are online across all servers. This Tablist also shows your current server rank, time, money, server ping, player count, and current server you are logged onto.

- Advertiser Prefixes
Advertiser Prefixes are completely for looks, however there are rules to obtaining them. You must be 13 years of age or higher, have 1K subscribers/followers on YouTube or Twitch, OR have 10k total views. The old DS video had 150k views.

- Bi-Weekly Drop Parties.
Drop Parties will now be held every two weeks. More info here: https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/3743-drop-parties/

- Increased Borders.
The server worldborder has now been increased from about 25,000, to 100,000, as so users are able to find more generated structures. Passing over this border in anyway is considered an exploit, so avoid passing it if you find any way to do so.

- 1.8 style PvP.
1.8 PvP has returned for the reset, though player collision and 1.9 health regeneration has stayed. You can still craft and customize Shields. If this feature does not come across well with our community, we will return the 1.9 mechanic.

- MCBans return.
We have re-added MCBans, however if it causes anymore problems it will be replaced or removed.

- 1.8 Spawn.
For this world, we have returned the 1.8 map that many users have grown to love. This spawn is from when Tremble merged with our server.

- 1.8 Mall.
Much like spawn, we also returned the 1.8 mall to the map. This mall version has many more rooms than the Market.

- Thrift Shop
Players can warp to this shop to donate items they do not want, and other/new players can pick up those items. Drop Parties may have much more valuable items, however.

- Weekly Discord Music.
This was introduced by me before, but every Friday music will be played by me (or, other DJ's if I'm unavailable) on the Discord Music/Party channel. These will usually be held at night during EST.

- Obligatory Rule Changes
As with every reset, I usually edit the rules a bit. This time not much was changed, however some rules were removed such as Offensive Usernames/Capes/Skins (Offensive builds are counted as ugly builds), and some rules merged into the Ugly Builds and Landscape Griefing categories. Refer to TotieMc's section in this post for more information: https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/32-diamond-shaft-minecraft-servers-official-rules/

Screenshots will be posted whenever Optifine releases a 1.12 build so I may use shaders.

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Fricking Friday night minecraft raves boiiiiiiiiiiiiis

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5 hours ago, KingVampy said:

Refer to TotieMc's section in this post for more information

my legacy :) poopy build bans

But aside from that, this new update looks great. I'm not coming back to MC, but wow this is a server I would play on if I did. Missing it.

Edited by TotieMc
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Drop Party House:2017-06-17_14.25.15.png


Hollow Hills (QueenVampy's Town):







Sunset Isles / Town of Colors (Cupcakegirl1218's Town):



The F*** Box / Club (KingVampy's Club):




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