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Bi-Weekly Pvp Tournaments

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Bi-Weekly PVP Tournaments Post

Every week we will now host PVP tournaments, they will be every Saturday at 3pm eastern standards time(New York Time) at /warp Arena2. Each tournament will have a theme such as:

> Zombie Apocolypse

> Fist Fighting; Empty Inventory PVP

> Hunger Games

> Etc

And of course, every tournament will be handed out prizes, and the more people show up the more prizes so even if your not a pvper I would recommend showing up.:) The prizes will be things such as weapons, armor, diamonds, money, etc.

If your, not a big pvper we still offer spectator seats to watch the action, box seats right up close to the action are available for $100, and if you would like to reserve a box seat we sell tickets at /warp arena2 

We hope to see you this Saturday for the first PVP tournament! the theme will be fist fighting considering many of you don't have many weapons or armor yet so hope to see you there!


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Zombie apocalypse ay? Looks like my lonely nights in drinking mountain dew crying and watching walking dead are finally gonna pay off 

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