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KryptPick's ban appeal (Unbanned)

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Banned on the 6th June 2017


Whenever I log onto the server, It says ''Banned for griefing by bolp'' But when I checked the accounts bolp has banned, I was not there, then I checked recently banned, and I was not there either, My minecraft username is KryptPick and I didn't grief.


Edited by KryptPick
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1. You were banned on June 12 no 6.

2. You broke some fence, a brewing stand and you didn't replant some crops at some other players base. And you mined some stone there too. 

3. Here's the proof2017-06-20_22_45_46.png.5db9031e61c55be75c654b0cfbdc9c6c.png2017-06-20_22_45_42.png.08464c101da54d888ad868937f3c098e.png

Next time please make sure to follow the template correctly and don't say you didn't do what you we're banned for. Staff ALWAYS have proof of what you did.

I'll unban you this time so please just follow the rules from now on.

Have a nice day..

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