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Town Rules & Warp Requirements

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Hello, everyone.

Some staff members have recently decided to start giving town warps again, as it's been wanted for a short while, however users now (again) constantly ask for them, which is clearly annoying. So to prevent constant asking, super small towns getting warps, and the /warp list expanding to like 3 pages, I'm setting requirements.

Main Requirements:

  1. Do not ask Moderators/Administrators for warps if you have not met these requirements, we will just be annoyed.
  2. If the Mayor has already set Towny for the town, they will not receive a warp. Fair and simple, as Towny towns already have their own.
  3. You must pay the Mod/Admin $5000 for a warp. As I said, I do not want the warp list expanding by so much.
  4. You must have at least 10 residents in the town. Anyone living there counts.
  5. You must have at least 10 buildings. Whether these are a combo of houses, or shops, etc, it doesn't matter.
  6. Don't be annoying or disrespectful (in general.) If you're a piece of shit to a Mod/Admin, chances are you wont receive the warp.
  7. Town name. We need a name to set for the town warp, obviously.
  8. Town warp area.

EDIT #1: Only Mayors can pay for their town, however anyone can loan them cash.

EDIT #2: Once requirements are met, the warp stays forever.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will obviously not have access to a /warp. There will of course be specific towns that have received warps for free (approved by an Admin,) but this will more than likely be a rarity. If you can't come up with the funds, you can try to meet the optional requirements.

Optional Requirements:

  • Town rule board and/or map, at or near the warp point.
  • Themed town.
  • Actually creative town name.
  • Above-average builds (get builders or friends to help.)
  • Roads.
  • Shops.
  • Nice scenery.

These requirements are completely optional. However, if every single one of these requirements are met, you can receive your warp without paying $5000. Of course, the "Above-average builds" may differ from staff opinions, but we'll try to be very open about it.

"Normal Town Rules"

I wanted to clarify some things for mayors and "normal town rules." Normal town rules defined by the mayor do not effect server rules, in any way. For example, if the mayor decides that griefing is allowed, their "rule" will be ignored and staff will enforce the server rule all the same. Some other rules can be made, such as build-theme rules. An example being, in Sunset Isles, you cannot build on the exterior of your home, without permission. (Staff may have to approve some build rules.)

If you are confused on what rules you can make or change, feel free to try and ask a staff member for assistance.

"Towny Town Rules"

Mayors have a bit more freedom with deciding rules for their towny town. However stealing will not be allowed in any towny town whatsoever. Towny towns still apply to server rules, aside from choices in PvP, mobGriefing, firespreads, and mobspawning. However some of these should only be enabled in specific, closed-off plots, as depending on the mayors choices, the town could preform better or worse than other towns.

If you are confused on how to set up a Towny town, type "/towny" in-game and it will show you a category of commands you can enter, for example "/resident ?" or "/plot ?" This will help immensely if you just test around a bit and learn the system. If you are uncomfortable with Towny, you can try joining someone else's town for a while, or make a normal town (though not very recommended due to the rules.)


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