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Ban Appeal (Declined) (Unbanned)

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Username: Aspire321

Server: Diamond Shaft/ Survival

Banned:By Lucy/Cupcakegirl1218

Date of Ban: 6/28/2017

Reason: Griefing, No LB Proof

Hi, I just started playing Diamond shaft again, me and my cousin started playing on this server to have fun. We  teleported to Bugville where we found that it had been destroyed so we thought that no one would mind. It soon escalated to robbing big houses. My cousin is new on this server and didn't know any better i would like to put in a good word for him he will be making an appeal. As for me I have been banned several times so i would understand if you didn't let me back. If its possible I would like to appeal to your better nature and see if you can possible consider letting me back. I would extremely appreciate if you would let me back.


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I like your appeal but you have been banned before. Soooo you will have to wait to be unbanned. I would say about a week? Oh yeah, here ya proof buddy boy. 2017-06-29_01_22_50.thumb.png.ccfb0a5233ea92bf4defa3957bb86a7d.png2017-06-29_01_23_13.thumb.png.30f7eae2eaf5805cd6d5b0c2c7502c98.png

P.S, might want to read who lives in the house before you grief it. Since ya know, it could be staff's stuff.

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as ive just spend a lot of time fixing it i know that only 2 people that griefed bugville was you and wole23. DON'T lie in your appeal please. and as you know the rules and have been banned before i think ill have a talk with lucy to let you wait more than a weak..


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You will be unbanned but if you get banned again we will NOT unban you. 

Have a nice say. 

PS. You might wanna read the rules again :-)

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