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Username: froakielover

Server: Survival

Banned By: king_anthrax

Date of Ban: 2014-08-07

Reason: Griefing LB Proof

Hello, any possible admin and/or other human!

     I've been playing on DiamondShaft for, I wanna say about one year from 2013 to 2014. I stopped playing on DiamondShaft due to my banning for "griefing". I found DiamondShaft when I was scrolling through endless random servers until I stumbled across this magnificent one, for some reason it caught my eye and I played ever since religiously. I knew the rules, they were quiet simple, and they've been about the same ever since, but I've reread the rules to understand why I may have been ban. "Ich Weiß es nicht verboten," since I am not allowed to say those forsaken words noted in The Great Anthrax's absolutely pronominal template that I happen to be using right now, but I cannot remember why I was banned, it has been several years. I apologize greatly for any harm I may have caused anyone. I hope that you would give me another chance, I am sincerely sorry, I will never do it again.

I apologize for any time I may have wasted, but I appreciate you at least taking a glance at this.

Possibly another visitor of your great sever, 



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2 hours ago, froakielover said:

sorry, what?

Please refrain to comment on any ban appeals or reports in the futur because staff will deal with it. Thanks!

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