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Username: _CrystalWolfG_ and The_Ultima_W0lf
Server: Survival
Banned By: Dk_Knight
Date of Ban: 2017-01-26 15:20:23
Reason: Rank moved to a different account

I have two minecraft accounts. I'm not using both on the same server. I wanted to move my rank on my first minecraft account to my second. I went on the server and asked a mod or an admin I think. I forgot the username since its been a while. But they switched my rank to an account. I took a break from the server for a bit and when I came back because of the 1.12 update it said I got banned. I forgot when I switched ranks. All I remember is the admin switching my rank from the first one to the second. I am no hacker or anything else. I've been on the server since 1.7 or 1.8 and I've gotten no problems or reports 

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