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Hello Everyone,

The new "Club" feature was something that has been recently added with the latest update. As such, we are creating this topic here to state the rules of these Clubs, keep in mind, the Clubs must still follow our community guidelines which can be seen here:  https://www.diamondshaft.com/guidelines/ For starters, all "Clubs" will need to be manually approved by one of our staff members, after we review your club and it meets our standards, it will be approved. Failure to follow the rules mentioned below will result in termination of your Club as well as a permanent warning on your profile. 

One Club per User:
This is to prevent a flood of different groups all created by a single person. Attempting to create multiple accounts to bypass this breaks our CoC and will result in termination of the other account/club as well as a permanent warning on your main profile.

"fan clubs" for specific members, or yourself:
Attempting to use the club for these purposes will result in an immediate termination of your Club.

Spam Clubs:
These are Clubs which are constantly creating useless topics/post with the intention of increasing reputation or post count. Your club will be removed and you will receive a permanent warning on your profile.

"ethnic" group clubs, or anything similar:
We are a Minecraft community, we do not want to see these kinds of clubs.

"religious" groups:
This is a very similar situation as the topic:

Again, we are a Minecraft community and would like to keep these discussions outside of our forums.

Thank you all for taking your time to read and acknowledge these rules!



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