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HeroBrineHead's Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

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Username: HeroBrineHead

Server: Survival

Time and Date of Ban: 2017-07-12 17:53:01

Reason: Potential X-Ray

MCBans Page: https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5590587


Hey, I'm HeroBrineHead. I'm just gonna come out and say I was hacking on this server, but the people on Discord respected me and told me to try and appeal. If I do become unbanned, I'll probably go back to hacking but I respect people and I guess I'm trying right now. I've been playing on DiamondShaft for about 2-3 ish years now. A friend, who was banned recently after my arrival here, recommended me to this server and I fell in love with it. I have invited many friends to Diamondshaft (ZeroNoyoby and redshell1) but they do not hack. I would like to play with them again. My life has become boring because I don't play MC anymore because I only played on Diamondshaft, and I have few other games. So, I'm gonna say this again, if I get unbanned I will probably go back to hacking, but ill try not to. 


Good Job Admins for finding me, 




Edit: Forgot the MCBans Page, deleted the half template

Edited by TheLumpyBananaMan
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I'll unban you. Next time you end up breaking this rule, you will not be unbanned.

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