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Town Tp (Declined)

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I know KingVampy said that when everyone had warps it was a mess but i think that the warps/tp should work like /home but anyone can use it. Like my town FlowerTown (Its me and my friends) You can use it like /tp FlowerTown But the thing about this is you can give it to your friends or anyone to use. So if i gave it to my friend they could tp just like me. I think that this is a good idea cause its annoying having to find the town every time. I know i could set home but i have another house as well as my friends. I think that this would be a great addition. :)

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I don't think this would be possible, I've never seen any plugins for it. But maybe an alias could be created so that when "/town <Town>" is typed it is the same as "/warp <Town>", although I don't know if you can make up new commands. But I've seen something like it so idk

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