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I was banned (Unbanned)

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The other day mrreds was online and talked to me about greifing. I told him it was when i first started (it was) and i was sorry, He said i'd have to repair it. I payed him and he repaired my damage (2,000). This morning when i tried to log on the server it said i was banned for greifing. I haven't done any greifing since he talked to me. I really love this server! And my friends are all online and don't know why i'm not coming on anymore. I'm really sorry for whatever i did. Please i'll never do whatever i did again. 

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just to clear things up ,

I found a small greif by her and I asked her about it she said it was from when she first joined and didnt know the rules then I suggested she would repair it or pay me 2K (which I spend on diamonds that I later destrowed , I couldnt think of any other way to destrow money) and you paid so I gave you a seccond chance but then later I found another grief from you and when I asked you before if you griefed anything else you said no so thats why I did end up banning you . 

I'll unban you but please be carefull next time.

Unbanned -Reds


Also please post ban appeals in the appeal section and not in sugestions @moderators please move if possible

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