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Major Grief

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I was just messing around then decided to go to my town and found it in shambles. My house was destroyed and buildings were wiped out. It looks as if random lines had just cut a slice in the buildings. Don't know if this is a glitch or grief but i want it fixed asap. My best friends apartment level was removed of its walls and part of the roof. luckily she still has her stuff.



x: 1966.546



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hmmm could be a problem when my greif got rbed. cuz we rollbacked a part of the forest and it might have affected ur town

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Bonjour mon ami Sparkle, t'is your boy, MacDahno, um, so like, this xXBluPandaXx person was banned earlier, so like, all the stuff that they have built was rolled back. I just fixed most of it, if there is more that I haven't fixed yet, PM me on Discord or the Forums.




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