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Ayy, TheLumpyBanana's Appeal

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Hi, I'm TheBananaMan (Previously know as HeroBrineHead)  and I have been on this server since like 2014? Anyway, this is my second try for appealing for whatever! So, yea. I enjoy helping others, especially newer people by giving them a place to live and sharing my resources and farms with them. I really want to be staff for the free GMC to help others. I am on daily, or as often as possible. I really don't care if I get accepted, as we have plenty of staff at the moment. This is mainly to be copied and pasted later!


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Okay firstly you didnt follow the ban appeal

Seccond. Staff does not grant gamemode creative

Third. Apply for staff in a ban appeal , rlly ?

And to finish it off you didnt give us a single reason to believe you should be unbanned.

So for now -Denied

*also after posting this I realised this isnt even in the ban appeal section, move please*

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