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Dear Diamond shaft staff, 

 Diamond shaft is by far my favorite server. Its originality and cute little community sets a very warming felling to me. And all i would want is to be a git, or as you know a Guardian In Training. And being part of the Diamond shaft crew would be the best! Sure, you might think i will just brag about being a git but that's why I'm not saying " ooh! make me a admin or moderator! " I just want to start with the basics and see if i got what it takes to start leveling up and joining admin. I could definitely make a good git because i like to help those on Diamond shaft. I mean, we all know the feeling of when we first joined minecraft. Weather all the way to alpha or so recently to now, we all have asked or looked for help. And the thought of helping helps set the example. Now, back to the request and not deep feelings, I do have what it takes to be a git and could help the lobby or building but that's for a different topic ( See my building presentation ). I just really, REALLY want to be part of my favorite server's staff and whatever i need to do to qualify, I'm all ears to you guys.

     Thank you for your time, 


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