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TheLumpyBanana's Ban Appeal (Declined)

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Username: TheLumpyBanana
Server: Survival
Banned By: IDK, submitted this too early
Date of Ban: 12/29/17
Reason: 'Cheat Engine'


Hey, TheLumpyBanana here, I was banned for confirmed using of cheat engine? Cheat Engine is stuff for offline, singleplayer games, such as Minecraft (singleplayer only). Here's the website link: http://www.cheatengine.org/ I was only using it for testing and openly posted in chat and Diamondshaft's Discord what I was finding. You would think that I would be a little more careful if I was actually cheating. Please whoever banned me, do a little research into Cheat Engine and rethink your decision. Also, I wrote this right after I was banned, before the evidence was even posted here.

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So I looked around...apparently it is possible to use Cheat Engine on multiplayer servers, at least on Minecraft. Of course it's much more difficult with servers that have NoCheatPlus, like we have, however you can still attempt to modify walk-speed. I also have a screenshot of what looks to be you walking in place, while I was in vanish (server was not lagging, the ping was fine.) You've also had very questionable behavior on the server, especially seeing how I was following you in vanish and you broke into Kat's house, replaced the blocks, and proceeded to look into every container in the build, and stated you wanted to "take everything inside." Obviously you didn't, however, considering those actions, and usage of Cheat Engine (having anything like that installed would raise the question of any staff member on the team,) I believe the ban is very justifiable.

I don't believe there is a need to rethink my decision. On another note...we don't post ban evidence literally two seconds after we ban someone and they immediately make an appeal. We usually wait until after they've made an appeal and post our screenshots in the response. Either way, considering hacking/modding is one of the higher rules on the server, you will have to appeal again on 3/29/2018.

Entering Kat's home:


Running in place:


Confirmed use of Cheat Engine:


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