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Hello, everyone.

Recently, I've announced that we will be updating the server by tomorrow. In that update, I have added multiple plugins that may confuse some players when first using them, or you just wish to know more about them. In this post, I will explain what each plugin is, their features, and the commands / how to use them.

We'll start with one of my personal favorites.


"Advanced Achievements" is a plugin for the server that allows me to create custom achievements. These achievements yield whatever rewards I may see fit on completion. When unlocking an achievement, it will both appear as text in the chat, and a title on-screen, while a firework effect is used on the player;


I, however, cannot just create any achievement possible. There are sadly limits to the achievement creation. These limits are based off of 47 categories that you will see in-game through /aa list. I will be posting in the Suggestions forum topic tomorrow for players to suggest Achievements, based off of what I can create.

Plugin commands:

/aa to bring up this menu;


As you can see, there are "weekly" and "monthly" leaderboards for the server. We plan to do some sort of event for those, or maybe give out prizes to those on the top of those lists each week/month.


"Head Database" is a plugin that allows players to buy heads from a database of 11,000+ heads, and that number grows with each day. It also allows me to add custom heads for the server in the custom heads category. I will be adding staff members, old (or well-known) players, or heads that players suggest to me.

Plugin commands:

  • /hdb - Opens the Head Database GUI.
  • /hdb search [Tag] - Allows you to search for specific heads. Example: /hdb search Grape.
  • /hdb info - Shows the plugin info, how many heads are currently in the database, and the plugin author.

As you already know, player @lightmagic123 has bought this plugin for the server. He, as well as Moderators+ receive heads from the GUI for free.


The plugin, "mcMMO Horses" allows players to claim horses after taming them, and giving them a saddle. You may level up the horses skills, and summon them when you either lose them, or they die. This is helpful in case a player either takes or kills your horse.


  • Swiftness - Increases the speed of your horse (Activates when the horse jumps)
  • Agility - Increases the chance of dodging attacks (Activates when the horse is attacked)
  • Vitality - Increases the health of your horse (Instantly activates- Increases when your horse is attacked)
  • Wrath - Temporarily disables damage and increases speed (Activates when the horse is attacked with a projectile/ thorns)

Plugin commands:

  • /h help - Shows plugin commands.
  • /h me - Displays your info.
  • /h claim - Claims your horse. Must be tamed & wearing a saddle.
  • /h stats - Shows your horses info & skill levels.
  • /h summon - Summons your horse. May need to recharge.
  • /h kill [Horse] - Permanently removes your horse. You devil.

Image result for UltraCosmetics

You may know the plugin "UltraCosmetics" from certain minigame servers, however I decided to try and incorporate it into a survival server. This plugin is mostly used by donators, so you'll have to figure out what you own in-game from the GUI menu. Grabbing a gadget from the GUI will switch whatever item you have in your 5th hotbar slot. Do not use gadgets if your inventory is full, otherwise the 5th hotbar item will disappear. I also wouldn't suggest using "suits" if you are wearing armor.

This plugins allows donators to use mounts, gadgets, suits, particle effects, animated head emoticons, pets, and hats. Members may have access to one or two of these features.

Plugin commands:

/uc - Shows each command:


I suggest just using "/uc menu Main" to get to the main GUI menu.


"SuperTrails" replaces our old trails plugin, TrailsGUI. It has all of the same trails, however adds more than just that. Only donators can use this plugin. This plugin not only gives you player trails, however you now have block trails that shortly disappear, rain cloud builder, and wing builder.

Plugin commands:

  • /trails - Only necessary command. Opens the trail GUI menu.



The plugin "ChatFeelings" is a very simple one. Allows you to send chat "emotions" to other players. Spamming this too much will result in an automatic console kick. If you abuse this plugin you will be denied access to it. The plugin also allows me to disable the "dab" and "boi" features.

Plugin commands:

  • /feelings - Shows you each feeling command.
  • /hug
  • /slap
  • /poke
  • /highfive
  • /yell
  • /shake
  • /bite
  • /stab
  • /snuggle
  • /kiss - "Why?"
  • /punch
  • /lick
  • /murder - "murder.exe failed to load."
  • /cry
  • /boi
  • /dab - Fuck you.

Also plays a sound whenever you receive a "feeling."



This plugin, "SimplePets," replaces EchoPet. Now has all current mobs (No ender dragon.) Allows donators to summon pets, name them, ride them, wear them as a hat, change their features (size, age, mob type, color) and you can open player storage. Emeralds can give their pets colored names.

Plugin commands:

  • /pet - Only necessary command. Opens the pet GUI menu.


You can right-click your pet once spawned to access it's GUI menu & features.


The plugin "Bounty Hunters" allows you to place bounties on other players. Any player that kills the bounty, will receive the money. This adds more to the PvP aspect of the server, however we'll still enforce our "no flight pvp" rule and "no PvP in towns unless allowed." You can buy a bounty compass for $1000 to see how far you are from your target.

Plugin commands:

  • /addbounty [Player] [Bounty] - Sets a bounty on a player.
  • /bounties - Opens the bounty GUI.
  • /bounties leaderboard - Opens the leaderboard GUI.


(This shows that Lunning155 currently has a bounty.)


Well, here it is. You've all pushed me to my limit. Rick wanted to marry Eddy and I was like "Are you fuckin' sure?" And then, this came about. This plugin, obviously, allows you to marry other players (or, preferably, divorce them.) There's not much else other than marriage messaging, tp'ing to your spouse, gifting them, set a home, and for whatever reason, kiss them. Next server update I'll be adding the sex plugin, brought to you by Charlie.

Plugin commands:

  • /marry - Shows all owned commands.


Marrying a player costs about $1000, while divorce is $5000, have fun with that.


  • CraftableHorseItems - Allows you to craft horse items. /chi gives you the recipe book.
  • Auctions - Allows you to auction off items in the auction houses. Can only use /auction¬†while in those houses. May enable world-wide.
  • Trading - Safely trade with other players in a 30 block radius to avoid scamming. Use /trade, /trade accept, or /trade deny.

An extra note for GameBox. If you exit the GUI without clicking the "Exit" barrier icon, all of your items may disappear and you will be left with the menu selection buttons instead. If this happens, either open your inventory and click the "Exit" icon, or do so in the /gb menu. If that doesn't work, try to contact a staff member. While playing GameBox, you can still be automatically kicked for inactivity. No using AFK Machines, either.

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