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Updated version of my previous application

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IGN: Demo_YT

Age: 16

Discord: Demo#6493

Hello I am Demo. Most of you know me for me being me. I would like to have another try at being a GIT and hopefully succeed. For those who don't know me I spend most of my life playing computer games whenever I can. If that doesn't sum up who I am here are some other interesting things to know about me. One thing is that I do sports so if I can't come on right away it's because of sports. Another thing to know is that I am a very weird individual but that makes me who I am as well. Also I do have a future other than video games and that may be in the way of being online or on the server. So basically I am sorry in advance because of school reasons. Anything that conflicts with me being online on the Discord/Forums I will try to report in advance. Now actual facts about me. I like to run. I really like to do photoshop and if you ask me for some specifics I can probably do it. I love listening to music and making art (usually at the same time). Anyways that's all that I can think of for now, have a nice day!

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