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Ban appeal (Unbanned)

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Username: LightStar_Gaming
Server: Survival+
Banned By: Lunning155
Date of Ban: i dont know
Reason: Setting fire to my own home

Ban Type: Local

   This is probably the weirdest case ever. Around a year ago i was banned for setting fire to a house. I did set fire to the house but, it was my own. I was being sarcastic and that got me banned.   I was sarcastic and said i "gave" the person my house but i was just being sarcastic. It is my fault i got banned.  I should have made it more apparent i was being sarcastic , and i should have told the user before he/she logged off. I am sorry it is all my fault and i have no proof at all. Especially since its been like a year. Staff if you are reading this i have no proof at all and probably shouldn't be unbanned.  I am sorry to waste your time if this is not worth anything. Good day or good night!

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alrighty. i'm going to go ahead and unban you. Hopefully next time we can prevent such things and just avoid any kind of lack of communication from people you give things to. Thank you

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