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Application for GIT

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IGN: Blaze_Slaze

Age: 14

Discord: Blaze_Slaze#4793

Hello, everyone. My name is Blaze_Slaze (call me blaze) and I'm looking for GIT! I have played on this server since this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFSgdjD15eA <--- was uploaded. I got HOOKED on the server, then got Diamond. Then, I decided, why not? Let's get Emerald! This server never gets old. The community is great. The reason I want to become Guardian is because, first of all, I want to stop all of those bad boys that grief everyone's buildings. It ruins everyone's day. I also want to help make sure that people don't ruin the server and cause people to rage quit, aka breaking the rules. I am strongly against racism. STRONGLY. I have become great friends with many people on this server, from back in the past, to now. As I can remember, I haven't broken any rules and have not received any punishments. I am very good friends with -most- of the staff. Especially Guardians, as I want to get to know them better. Now, to talk a bit about myself, I'm 14 and live in in a decently sized town in the state of Wisconsin, USA (Central time zone). I play basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. These times are normally after school, but - if you're seeing this now, I don't have basketball or volleyball at the moment (basketball and ultimate frisbee is during winter and volleyball during fall). I'm Catholic and plan on going to a Catholic HS. I think I partially know all of the staff (I'm Camo's son) and I get along well with them. Add me on discord: (well, it's up there.) On Spring Break, I have averaged about 3-5 hours on Diamond shaft. On school weeks, about 1-2. Now that I don't have much going on, I'm available more and more. I am fairly familiar with all of the plugins (mcmmo, lockette, etc.) but I could know more. I'm mostly excited about LogBlock grief proof. With the help of more people, I should get to knowing that (I'm a pretty fast learner - but not in math :/). I don't have Skype nor Teamspeak, so hope Discord is alright with you guys. I am also always checking the forums. 

Thanks for this opportunity! If I missed out on any information, skills, etc., please let me know! P

P.S. Also, in the summer, I go to my cottage a lot, and I don't play up there. But let's get to that issue when it comes. :P 



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