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xXblupandaXx ban appeal (Unbanned)

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Username: xXblupandaXx
Server: Survival
Banned By: Bustounnuez
Date of Ban: im sorry i dont know
Reason: Griefing 

Hi, my name is xXblupandaXx I have been playing on diamond shaft for a while now I have been banned for Griefing. I was grounded from my computer for a month and was not on for a while I think my account got hacked or something happend while I was gone. whatever I did I am very sorry and will not do it again please accept this and let me make friends and have fun on your server once again! please now i would like evidence on what happend. Thank you

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As the Bustounnuez (Previously: GodsOfBoss) is no longer staff I will unban you on his behalf, but you should keep in mind that you are held accountable for anything done on your account. Looking forward to seeing you on the server!

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