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1.8 PvP Poll (OldCombatMechanics.)


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  1. 1. Bring back 1.8 PvP?

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Hello, everyone.

Previously on the server we had a plugin called OldCombatMechanics that let us bring back some 1.8 abilities and combat. It was removed for a reason I forget, but I wanted to see if you wanted it back in 1.13.

If the poll leads on "Yes", these changes will be added/made:

  - No more attack cool-down.
  - Sword sweep disabled (particle effect still shows up.)
  - Old armor stats.
  - Old weapon/tool stats.
  - Old golden apples.
  - Old potion effects.
  - Old player regeneration.
  - Fishing rod knockback.
  - You can still craft & use shields.
  - Ender pearls still have a cool-down.
  - Player collision is still enabled.
  - You can still use your off-hand.

NOTE: No 100% guarantee that it will work with 1.13, as they are making many technical changes that will more than likely break many plugins.

On a side note. 1.13 finally has a confirmed release date of July 18th, 2018. If it does actually release on that date, we will start setting up the next update (we already have most things built, so it'll mainly be server-side setup, landscaping, and other misc things.)


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