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Soon enough. They recently released a 1.13 spigot dev jar, some plugins work and some don't. Some of the major ones like WorldEdit and Essentials have specific issues that need to be resolved, and others need updating.

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7 hours ago, RickRoss2000 said:

Ya whatever the big boss man just said... I'm just here to look pretty. 😁

I thought that was my job 🙈

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Good news is that Mojang just released the first snapshot for 1.13.1 today, so hopefully it won't take two months to release, maybe a couple weeks or so then Spigot can start to update to their "Caution" build which is a bit more stable and can handle more old plugins.


1.12 released July 7th, 2017. First snapshot for the .1 update released August 1st of that year, then the next day they had 1.12.1 pre-release1, then the next day full release. I'm hoping they follow the same pattern but it's not always the case. (Obviously, as 1.13 is also a technical update, it more than likely will take longer than a week, just hold ya sphincters.)

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9 hours ago, NAM3ED said:

Not sure if the server is open or not rn but I keep getting this error 


you need to join with 1.12 as the server isn't updated to 1.13 yet

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Final note on this. I hate to say it, but don't expect the server to update until sometime in August, or September at the very worst. Many many plugins are currently broken, or have some features that do not work correctly, so it makes it near impossible to get everything set up. Mojang is currently working on 1.13.1, which will fix many vanilla bugs. Once that releases, Spigot will start working on a spigot-1.13.1.jar which may or may not help to fix old plugins.

Not to mention the set-up we'll have to do once all of the plugins are fixed and stable, last time it took us about two weeks, however 95% of that time was spent building spawn and other things. Currently each required build is made and have been turned into schematics (which, are currently bugged and being fixed through cooperation on the WorldEdit github.) However, there are quite a few changes we have to make through plugin configuration as there are many more changes this time around than just plugin additions. Once again, it shouldn't take us many days to get things set up server-side (as I usually get way too excited during updates and end up working all day.)

Our update could potentially come out earlier than mid/late August, or it could come later than September. Personally I'm hoping it's not later, but it all depends on Mojang and Spigot.

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